If you're not sure that the guy you meet with is the guy who has to go seriously, it's better if I try to try it. Find things out and make sure he's the guy you think he's committed to. Do not be fooled and look through pink glasses. You could have tested the following methods.

Looking around women and see her flirting
If you really want to know if she is faithful to you and does not look at other women, make sure you get to a party where many beautiful women are coming. While on the party, keep your eyes on your behavior. If you find that you are flirting with other women, you have your answer.

Check and tell whether to tell lies.
Do not take anything you say at face value. Do not skip to conclusions. See if he has said the truth or that he breaks his promises and does not mean what he says. The man he was caught, lied and dishonest, is not the kind of person he has to follow.

Find Out A Great Poet
You do not want to settle down with a guy who does not know how to be responsible with your money. In case you strive for a long-term commitment, you need a person who is financially fit and not a person who is irresponsible and great.
Take care and make the right choice – you do not want to get married!

Watching With Your Children
If you plan to have plenty of kids in the future, it's better to find out if the guy you're planning to marry you would like it too! Talk to this before you commit. You may be surprised if it turns out you do not want kids at all. So it's best to know how things are going before making a decision.

Find out if you want to be legal
Are you the guy who wants a ring on your finger before you commit anything? It is better to communicate frankly with the guy you see and learn about your marriage and commitment. She just wants to live with her without being legitimate while dreaming of a church wedding. It is best to test first.

See if it is Affected
Many women are completely desperate and unhappy after marriage and engagement when it turns out that their partners have a gambling habit or addiction that they can not get rid of. Better know first if you have trouble and if you just loved him to help him take it.

Find out if you really love it
One of the most important tests would be to find out if he really loves you. Take care of your reactions when you talk to other guys, leave the city when you feel it, etc. If you react in such a way as to be sure of your feelings – you can be sure he is the one!

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