90% of adults report that they do not get enough sleep and 25% when sleep and sleep habits are often observed in the media, struggling with Sunday's insomnia. Sleep problems in the UK cause £ 40 billion a year or 200,000 days of productivity due to absenteeism, accidents and poor performance

Let's look at some ways to plan good night sleep

– Consistency is Important . Its purpose is to get up, to finish work and to go to bed regularly. Prepare for the next day by packing lunch, putting it in the gasoline, and making office paper. Use lists to organize and feel better in control. Design your clothes or adopt a uniform dress or color

– Be proactive and address all the stressors and park them until further inputs are needed. Try to avoid reversing situations in your mind. Be disciplined and relaxed with the fight against stress or flight. Have a regular break, eat healthy, fresh air and workout; apply a positive approach to work-life balance and get a good night's sleep.

Family, Friends Commit Quality Time . others too. Be stronger and do not say "no" sometimes to requests and demands. Be sure about how long you are willing to compromise. Homeowners often have offices in the bedroom. Please stop work after work, so this is not always in the viewport. Get off your work clothes, walk around and make sure your bedroom is a peaceful, relaxing place. Minimizing Disruption and Excessive Technique

– Switch off your phone and laptop two hours before your bed, avoiding the temptation to sign up for "once only". Determine internet times and make better use of your time. Turn the phone on for silence and keep it away from the bed as this may affect the sleep quality. – Do not be thorough, important or stressful conversations . When busy or busy or too tired, you are not producing and constantly restarting in your mind, so you are confused by your sleep. I agree to discuss the serious things better and to ensure that they really happen. – Many people do a job that requires mental or physical effort that causes tiredness in one area, but not the other. Find out the balance by committing quizzes and crossword puzzles, or walking, swimming, the gym to physically and mentally fully expose yourself. – Take a relaxing bath or shower in the bed before the sun with the sun's stress. Read, enjoy hot, milky drinks, meditate, listen to relaxing music, or practice yoga, in all sorts of ways that your mind and body know how to prepare for bed and good night sleep

. A positive location routine is a great investment in supporting good night sleep. Then you're ready for every day, fresh and stuffed.

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