It is important to recognize and recognize the vital signs of the potential of the relationship. When I meet people and talk about whether to keep in touch or die, I quickly realize that the hazard warning flashes shortly before flashing before a split is approaching, but people have not watched them. These times actually created opportunities to build up and recognize these threats before threatening marriage or contact.

I am not a fan of broken relationships and I will never be a fan of divorce. But there are a few courtesy, dating or love relationships that will have a drastic impact. The greatest tragedy of the broken relationship is not the loss of intimate relationship but a broken heart. When it breaks down, we leave our part and so another link is wrong. It is therefore important to know when to hang or work, and when to go on, to understand if the conflict is healthy and destructive.

Caveat! It is imperative to know that there are no absolute values, especially when dealing with human behavior. These are the vital signs I thought;

first If God says it is bad. There are times when we get in touch, even if we know that we know this is bad, even if our friends say we've made a mistake, especially when it turns out that you're too good to true – probably. Somehow these things come back to hang on the wrist.

2nd If there is no one, there is no value, and there is no creature that both of them must provide. Fire may be on the mountain. Basically, it is proven that, for the success of each relationship, the two persons can not be at the center of the relationship at the center of attention, something else that they both value and do not tire – God, vision, value can be the centerpiece.

3rd If you do not think about the future. Did you ever think about the future without imagining him there? Do you plan your life independently of each other? Will you ever tell your plans without thinking about you? Probably because you're not in the picture yet.

4th If it is related to the situation of the need. If you need a survival link. If you need to get in touch. It's a dangerous thing to get in touch, because the lady / man is filling a certain emptiness in your life. In fact, it's not a good sign if your happiness depends on another person. It makes happiness dependent on the action and intervention of another person. It is also the person who gets in touch because he feels that the lives of other people must be strengthened. Remember that relationship or marriage is not a means of evangelization, nor a means of changing another person. If the contract between the recorder and the recorder is completed or you can not work, you are looking for another challenge.

5th If there is no chemistry: chemistry or passion has gained a love relationship through friendship (engagement, intimidation). There will not be long-term relationships when the love and affection of the relationship are unilateral. The therapist is tired one day to get in contact so much without getting the love. Every strong connection is based on mutual strength, social friendships and support.

6th If you do not lose anything when you're done, you probably do not deserve much. The partner must provide an important, stimulating, powerful and supportive source. For any small differences, if you think you're leaving yourself and you can read or think about getting another guy / girl, you're likely to do so soon. This indicates that the connection has no value.

7th If you have not yet learned to fight successfully. Successful struggle means being able to fight and correct, deny your ability, and can not let you destroy the structure of your relationship. Most parties in the heat of reasoning say things that never will, and this indicates the end of the wonderful relationship. The times and moments of anger bring the hidden person, and if the two people have not mastered the art of coping with man, then the end point may be imminent.

8th If you are not open to change and growth. Connections bring new challenges and you may need to become accustomed to attitudes, thinking patterns, thinking habits, and people we have never believed that we could never think we could never cope. More importantly, we need to change and grow, but if you are uncomfortable and stiff in our thinking, because of our perception and attitudes, we will soon have to contact them. Long-lasting relationships build on the ability to complement each other and adapt to each other and to the situation as they come.

ninth If the person shows behavior that makes the connection difficult. There are some behaviors and attitudes like anger, stubbornness, and one partner, "an unjustified statement of external influence.

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