When we say, "Yes!" what life is, we live in the flow. Of course, it's a lot easier than doing it. If we focus on the positive, loving aspects of our existence and turn away from annoying situations, it is the key to getting to know life better than life. But how do we do this? How do we justify their minds, which are sometimes nourished by self-righteousness and self-control, and become participants in humble life who best performs here, not negativity?

The answer is to cultivate awareness and a strong faith in the good of life. Many spiritual teachers who left before us have left humanity behind us. They shared with us a more transcendental way of life that could be fulfilled. The focus of the values ​​was the teachers who accepted the concept of acceptance.

Consider the Tibetan monk, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who has forcibly lost his country and now teaches the world of people about peace. His Holiness declared that "compassion is the pillar of world peace." The Dalai Lama shows us that mankind has the kindness to overcome the difficult obstacles. Although leaving his birthplace was not in his life, the situation was best done and made a major contribution by giving the flow where life brought him.

We all have situations that might seem too awesome or too difficult to deal with with love. From the experience I know, however, that getting to know the infinite and divine universal sources was all the difference between being a victim of his life and feeling ready to flow. After sudden death of my mother, I was frightened, angry, and sorrow overwhelmed. And although I understand that acceptance is the only answer, I still need to pray for forgiveness to fill my heart with the doctor and nurses in the nursing home. In my life I had to move forward and changed my sorrow to something positive. I have given it to others, but it does act in many ways when the divine universe tests us, and meeting the challenges is almost never easy.

Sometimes it's hard to see the lesson and gifts in circumstances that seem to flow, especially to the small but annoying cases in life – the noisy neighbor, our ever late friend, the barking dog. However, these are times when we come to the practice of the practice of meditation and awareness practice, and with compassion we accept this new presence in our lives. We simply have to remind ourselves that we are all souls on the journey and that people are sometimes aware of the effects of others. If he refuses to personalize the disturbance that the universe has brought to our world and tries to conquer chaos in our consciousness, we will not only get a more peaceful life, but also return to the flowing life.

Life does not always bring roses and riches, but learns to say, "Yes!" what life he offers, and by learning to apply the mantra of acceptance to small and big life events, we are opening ourselves to the gift of flow life. In the gentle and wise words of the Dalai Lama, "we can never get peace in the outside world until we bring peace to ourselves."

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