Life is like a river that flows into the sea and then falls to the top of the mountain and goes back to the stream, goes into the river and the circle goes on. The actual water flowing in the river runs through a number of rotations.

The Word of God is alive and active. In Genesis, the word created heaven, earth, and all creatures and plants.

In John, God became the Word of God called Jesus. If Jesus is one of the Triads, then Jesus comes out of the mouth of God. Likewise, when God created the human being, he breathed the breath of life. The man was alive from this breath.

When God speaks in His Word, the air comes out of his mouth to sound in the sound box. The only difference between blowing and talking is the sound produced from the sound box. The speech box of the mind activates the sound. If the breathing that sounds when you speak and which does not produce sound is the same thing, God's Word and breath are the same. This breath and the sound carry the soul created by God. This spirit gives life. This is the nutrient used as a nutrient / nutrition.

The Spirit of the Spirit has been sent by the Word of God. The Word of God is heard in a human being. It can be heard on the ear and can be heard by the eyes, the eyes, the breath. How do you get the breath? In the beginning, God gave us breath. Life breathes constantly recycles. If the breath of life is recycled, it is the original soul of God that gives life. The soul of God, which is in us and lives. That is why we live. If the Spirit of God had entered our lives through the Spirit of God, he was the Creator himself. The Spirit in God has entered our lives. If this is Divine Spirit, then we are a divine being. If we are a divine being, then we are like God's own image. We will do everything God does. As we are, imitate divine activity. This means what God does, only when we imitate the fact.

An example of God's creation of light. Man invented electricity too.

However, the difference is that God has called his word, and the light has been created. Man invented his mind. But how did this invention evolve? The breath was not audible. God shakes the image or image of the invention of actual creation through the mind. We have the spirit of God in us, which tells us to act on what God does. Through these actions, we continue to sink into the world of action that we have created ourselves. When we sink, we forget the full purpose of our operation. The story does not come out. We do not expect the theme to be selected. Rather, we ourselves become the central theme. The topic was damaged in the attention to highlight the plot that was about to take the event. The plot is produced from a new scenario that is just emerging from starvation.

There we received the breath of God with the power of God, but on the stage of life.

It can now be inferred that the soul of God, which has been given in that breath, is the spiritual being within you. This is one of the components that makes up a human being. You are the spiritual being. This is your true self and you have to admit this truth.

Your physical being is not your true self, but your spiritual being, which is your true self. If this is true, you have a chance, then the secrets of your life will be revealed to you.

If you want more explanation of who you are, join me in the next section, titled "Forming Fetus".

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