Did you know that your mind is programmed? Huh? Is my mind programmed? Yes, that's really it! What does this really mean to me? I wanted to learn how to guide my mind to create more food, riches and health in my life. I realized that checking the mind is the answer to whatever's going on in my life.

It turned out my mind was programmed. It was programmed as "default". If I was happy with my life and what was happening, my default setting was good! But there were areas in my life that I was not content with. I wanted more money. I wanted to be happier. I wanted to have a deep affectionate relationship. He wants, wants, wants. All right, so my life was not exactly "Sunshine pocket!"

How did I know that my mind was programmed? I did some research. I learned a website website after google. I read articles and books about the law of mind, psychology, and attraction. As I began this journey, I came to this truth; What consciousness holds true is true. Our minds are programmed in the early days of our parents, teachers, friends, and society in general. If you had a great childhood, you are likely to experience happiness as an adult. If childhood was not enough fun, you probably have some "problems" in your adult life. At this point, we are responsible for improving our lives.

Meditation is the portal to reach the mind. Involving meditation in your life gives you the key to unlocking your mind. If you go in, you can get rid of the garbage you do not love, and instead you do things like you – hello happy life!

Whatever you experience in your life [yes, anything] you can either accept it or you can change it. I decide to change it.

I learned how to program my mind for what I wanted and after getting my "setups", they were able to create all the things I wanted – and quickly! It's like swim in a stream right now, instead of being against it!

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