New breakthrough discoveries by Neuroscience and Quantum Physics have developed new tools to develop and expand human potential. The strongest thinking and meditation tools so far have been available – and most people have never heard of such a new technology that can release the limitless potential of the greatest power in the universe; Mind, especially consciousness below consciousness.

Our subconscious mind is responsible for at least 70% of our lives. Our mental programs stored in our mental consciousness consist of values ​​and beliefs that work as a filter that in turn determines the attitudes and behaviors of our lives or how we interpret reality.

As most self-development techniques, such as books and seminars, focus primarily on conscious consciousness, we tend to forget most of the information that we get very quickly. Although we can find some results, the expected changes will not last long. So it is not uncommon to feel frustrated and to excel in excellence and peak performance.

Many people have not yet become familiar with new technology available to help people achieve amazing results. It is a technology that can bypass the conscious mind and directly manage the unconscious, in fact, open the window into your inner mind to accommodate positive programming. By repeating and realizing experiences that begin to reflect this new inner reality, it becomes self-reinforcing and self-sustaining. If it is locked, your mind script is constantly altered. The unconscious then works in accordance with its new programming and brings changes in everyday experience to meet this new reality. These programs use the Brain Supercharger technology to directly modify the state of the brain and insert new, healthy programming into your consciousness.

One of the latest technologies that today has a positive impact on millions of people's lives, the so-called Brain Wave Entrainment .

What is brainwave injection?

BWE is a well-known scientific process that induces specific brain waves at the desired controlled frequency (such as beta, alpha, theta, delta). One of the most powerful forms of Brain Wave Entrainment uses binaural sounds that recreate the desired beat frequency. The theory is that if this frequency is used as a stimulus for a certain period of time the brain's own frequency will be modified accordingly, causing the pneumonitis of the brain to balance the left and right hemispheres by a higher level of consciousness, positive lasting changes. Why do you want to do this? BWE can help relax or stimulate the nervous system, and before it promotes a sense of well-being, reduces depression and anxiety, improves general health and encourages positive thinking. Bill Harris, the founder of The Centrepointe Institute and the founder of The Holosync Solution, says that "this technology will safely and easily take you to a deeply (and extremely pleasant) meditation state, will encourage new neural pathways to the left and right hemispheres of your brain, you can improve your learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity and your ability to concentrate and think … more clearly … Create real leaps in your personal consciousness … Significantly reduces your stress levels by reducing your stress levels and achieving high performing state scholars for the whole brain and reduces stress-like brain chemistry levels like cortisol … Create remarkable improvements in your mental and emotional health – even areas that have stubbornly resisted change with other approaches … grow (and very pleasant) brain chemistry (serotonin) for longevity, well-being and quality of life. "

Another well-known company is Transparent Corporation, a leading developer of brain stimulation and training products, aimed at solving human problems and increasing human potential. Therapists, businesses, MDs, teachers, academic researchers and thousands of regular people every day use people living in more than 40 countries. These and many others BWE products can be purchased for personal use.

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