Treatment of anger is not really as complicated as it may seem for the first time. The first steps are to identify and recognize your own wrath, and then try to find the cause or reason why you are angry. Emotions should not be suppressed. Defamation only retraces its ugly head over the long run, usually in a poorly directed, explosive manner.

The expression of anger has to be important, just in the right way, and nobody causes others, or even oneself, causes harm. The following are tips for handling anger that will keep you and your emotionally and physically safe. Take some time before you react.

There may be times when you realize that the outbreak of anger has a negative impact on your friends, family, and colleagues, so it's important to spend some time. If he finds that his anger gets hot and can explode in minutes, he can count to one to ten. This will help you to leave or respond to the current angry situation

. Do physical activity.

Move your muscles, change your mind. Physical activity can actually help to deliver a positive outlook to your emotions or anger, especially if you feel that emotions break out. Go or walk, clean the house or the office. Go swimming or try to lift some weight, shoot some basket

3. Calm, calm, relaxed

Whether it is angry or not, it is always beneficial to breathe the deep breath. You can try to show a relaxing scene. You can try to repeat a word or phrase that is reassuring to you. Repeat this as often as you can. The word or phrase can be as simple as relaxing or cooling.

You could try to listen to silence, paint, paint your thoughts in a journal just to have your feelings. You can also do yoga.

4th Speak properly

Really not recommended to roast. When you are angry, immediately recognize and annoy your anger and try to shake off alternative ways of expression. If it is absolutely impossible to handle your own anger so that the situation is safe and relevant. Talk to a friend, family, therapist or counselor or any other person you think you can trust.

5th Always play the tape forward.

In the heat of anger, there may be cases when things are said or done, what they will usually regret later. This is really lame more than anger itself, and one that he wanted would ever return it, but he could never do it.

Think twice as much as you can before you say anything, or you do not do angry moments. Discover the future consequences.

6th Work, not to work against

Recognize that it is always best to work directly with the person's situation, which has angered you to identify possible solutions to that situation. Keep yourself accountable.

Depending on the starting point with "I", it helps you describe a problem and helps you become accountable and do not unnecessarily place responsibility on someone else's. You can say that I'm "rather nervous" and not "upset".

In fact, no one can control your feelings better than you do. Do not let others get angry without your explicit permission. You may be angry and you may not be angry.

8th Do not be angry or do not be angry.

Keeping the anger in the long run is really infertile and does not support. This is difficult and retards. Believe it or not, it's always easier to forgive and let go. Opponents may take years after the event when a person who has been involved has long since disappeared from the scene.

ninth Be real.

The fact that it is totally unfair to be sure or to expect anyone to behave exactly as he wants them to behave. Do not take care of yourself so seriously.

According to the great system of the cosmos, how important is the event that started? Humor can be an effective diffuser. Remember that there are many ways to look at a situation, perhaps the way is not the right way.

Many other tolls can be paid in handling anger. Keep a journal and note every time you are angry or in a situation when you feel angry with yourself. In the future, you can rely on this list and use it as a productive tool to find out which things you've chosen to know, listen, and be aware of the reactions you make to the right.

The most important counsel for anger is to identify, own, and process emotion when it happens and not build.

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