Self-development is part of personality building, and the core of anger management is to create a good personality. A person who can not control his anger can not build a good personality and can not improve himself. If one wants to fight his anger, he must first try to find out what causes are due to his short temperament, the very common cause of anger in our daily life is a lot of people around us, and when people do not meet our expectations, we cause pain and revenge

In order to avoid this reason, we should not be waiting for even our dear ones. Secondly, the most common cause of loss is when we do not get satisfied with our behavior from people around us, so in order to avoid it, we must recognize that human nature is making mistakes. Another reason for moderation is that we begin to take negative things and consider small or big issues negative, adopt a comprehensive positive attitude and positive thinking for self and healthy well-being.

Selfishness has to be practiced to avoid anger, we must take a deep breath when we ever have a problem and we have to worry about possible solutions.

If it is possible that this strange environment is stressful and angry then you have to change this place into loneliness and for a moment think about what you are doing and lose your illness physically and mentally

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