Anger Management

Anger is a normal human emotion, it can be a healthy human response to a threat, attack, injury or disappointment. However, if you have been losing your temper constantly, with those you love, shouting and saying harmful things or punishing yourself or others it has turned unhealthy.

If your anger is keeping you awake at night then sometimes it's time to learn how to recognize your anger and understand your frame of mind.

Angry Mind

Reasonable Mind

This is your rational, thinking, logical mind. It is the part of you who plans and evaluates things logically. It's your cool part. The reasonable mind can be very useful. Without it people would not build homes, roads or cities; they could not follow the instructions, solve problems, do science or run meetings. But having too much order and logic can make you rigid as your decision can be void of emotions.

Emotional Mind

You are in an emotional mind when your emotions influence and control your thinking and behavior. This can be very beneficial as intense love is motivation for relationships. Intense devotion or desire also motivates staying with very hard tasks, sacrificing your self for others, eg mothers sacrificing themselves for their children. The problem with the emotional mind is when negative emotions are experienced in excess such as depression, anger and stress that can cause your behavior to be very irrational.

Wise Mind

Wise mind is the combination of emotional mind and reasonable mind. You can not overcome emotional mind with reasonable mind. You can not create emotions with reason. You have to combine the two. Wise mind is that part of every person who can know and experience the truth. It is where the person knows something to be true or valid. Wise mind is similar to intuition when the feeling comes from deep inside instead of a current emotional state. If you feel strong emotions around a subject it may be your emotional mind that is in control. Give it time, if you still feel safe, especially when you are calm, then it may be your wise mind.

5 Different Ways of Expressing Anger

The Intimidator

This is very confrontational, threatening and aggressive. It is aimed at controlling and controlling a situation. It easily turns to rage, and maybe violence, as the conflict worsens.

The Interrogator

Also confrontational. This person will throw aggressive questions at the other person to unnerve them. What do you think you are doing? Who do you think you are?

The Passive-Aggressive

This is indirect rather than head-on. This person will use sarcasm and adopt the poor with the approach to make the other person feel guilty. I've tried my best for you & # 39 ;. & # 39; Whatever I Do is No Good & # 39;

The Distancer

This person will try and get away from, or avoid situations they do not like and anything they do not want to hear. They will often deny their angry feelings altogether. "Nothings the matter with me, I'm fine". Buried feelings may eventually build into an explosion of rage and perhaps violence.

The Regressor

Regressive anger is anger you have been carrying around for a long time, sometimes years. In your past, family, friends, teachers or someone from work may have said something or something that made you angry, and who still hurts. It can go right back to your childhood. Because you are still carrying these feelings around with you, when something happens to annoy you, you feel extremely angry and explode. This response is likely to be out of all proportion, and you find it hard to let things be and are unable to let go of the past.

Anger Management could be a tool of self-development or an opportunity to learn more about yourself. If you are going around in circles repeating the same mistakes with family or friends and want to stop the destructive way a relationship has developed then reflection may be required to see the truth. You can not control the feelings and opinions of others, but you can transform your anger into peace, re-inde-love and get less angry, less often.

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