There is never a day when no one or nothing is angry. When you are a teacher, you will be angry with the students who are too joking. When you're a boss, and the staff have broken your trust, you'll be worried. If you are a parent and your child does not meet you, you will be working.

I just said when someone does not fulfill their desires slightly or something does not seem to go the way, then when anger chooses the best! But do not extend it.

Long-lasting anger may actually lead to mental disorders. You would not be able to perform your tasks or activities as planned, as your mind is still cumbersome due to the unpleasant situation. It can even physically affect you.

When you are angry, you use more artifacts than when you smile. It may wrinkle your face, even at a young age. It also affects blood pressure. Too much anger can seem to cause blood pressure to stir up.

Mostly emotionally unhealthy. You will be less cheerful, and even the hearts of other people will be tickled, even if you were certainly angry. However, it is still manageable. No problem!

Look at how you can handle your anger and come back to yourself.

    Stand or sit somewhere a little further from where we were and take a deep breath. Slowly inhale and inhale. This is one of the ways of consoling after grabbing everything that causes fire. q Ask for water or rinse your face. The water is about to stop fire. So your throat or face damp would be of great help to you. q Find someone you can refer to. But do not do the punching bag. Cool up and talk cautiously. q If you do not have a very confidential conversation, you can enter it in the personal journal. At least the anger has been transformed into words, and you are humiliating a little. q Go to a place where you can feel the breeze breathing calmly on your face. Lie your eyes green or sea and you will be able to find rest and heart. q Use your day-to-day entertainment, such as watching TV or listening to the radio. Look at the comedy to make yourself ridiculous. Listen to smooth melodies that can reassure your body and soul. Like the songs here on our site! q Smile. Remove the smile on your face gradually. Meet with people who would smile with you.

There are some of us who seem to handle such anger. Things do not always go along and some just do not want to be happy in life. But do not let these failures prevent you from being a normal person. Be strong and have a positive attitude and stop anger in the dominion of the soul!

Let these tips get you out of the fiery fire. Even share your experience and other ways of dealing with anger. Maybe you can tell us what makes it smoky and we will be happy to help you with our helpfulness.

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