Many articles talk about anger as negative emotion.

When you hear something negative, you want to avoid it. For example, negative evaluation at the workplace or negative balance in the checkbook.

Avoiding anger is not a good idea . Your anger can save your life or give you energy to make something very good.

The reason why anger is addressed as negative is the reason for the fact that people are angry when they do things, are silent or dangerous. Average, painful, stupid and dangerous behavior is negative and should be avoided.

Anger is an adaptive feeling. Emotions, including anger, are neither positive nor negative. Things are angry at the decisions we make . Yes, it is true that what we feel and what we do always seems to work together. Angry and negative behavior seems to happen very quickly. It is not true that anger is causing negative behavior.

Anger and offensive behavior are related (correlation). Anger, however, does not make you behave the way you do (causal relationship). You always have a choice.

A general mistake people make is that it assumes that as two events occur together in time, an event should have caused the other. Look at Las Vegas gamblers who blow the dice or say a special mantra because they once did it and made a good bet. This is the correlation. What they do with cubes does not affect the numbers they are playing. That would be the causal link.

So the correlation does not prove the causal link . Angry people try to blame their anger on angry things when they are angry. Angry people must argue: "I would not (or not say) that I would not be angry." Okay, probably is true they would not have done what they did if anger was not present. But this is the correlation. And Correlation Does Not Prove The Cause

Just like blowing a dice does not cause the desired numbers in the craps table (or the monopoly).

The real reason for the silly behavior is the clumsy decision made by man. Always is your behavior following your decisions. It is very good news that your behavior always follows your decisions about your situation.

As you guide the decisions you make, you have ultimate control over the actions. When you change the way you look at your anger, you have gained tremendous potential personal power.

When using your emotions as a device:

  • You use the power of your anger to motivate when you need it.
  • You use your ability to make decisions to decide how you intend to steer this power.
  • abusive or stupid behavior.
  • Using your emotions to improve your life and relationships

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