Hello everyone. I'm Johnny Frey, and I'm here to tell you that anger can be categorized before being treated, so you have to clear up the dilemma that you have to deal with.

Many people say they're okay. Especially I do not want to agree or disagree with this. I want to let you know that you will be angry at some point in your life. I think if you're not angry, you probably are not a man. He said I would like to discuss something I've observed, which may be interesting.

I'm fifty years old, and the reason for mentioning this, so you see that at least once in my life I was angry. Now I know it has happened several times. I explain one of the reasons why this phenomenon happens.

Now everyone has heard the phrase … "you're lying" … okay? Please allow me to let me know this is a false statement. Why? The person is lying, but that does not make him a liar. A person may refrain from defending their territory at a given time, because he may have to make a decision in a certain situation. How is it possible? They may be in middle management, and if they can not do so immediately, their supervisors and supervisors may be revised.

We do not always see these things behind the scenes, but I think it's better to realize that once we get angry that we call someone a liar, we're too far away to touch their own anger.

If we can better see these things from a diplomatic point of view, we can only find humor and find the way to make the world a better place for everyone's life, for ourselves.

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