I hear many people in their everyday life increasingly angry with anger. Understanding the process of anger is an important topic for all of us to look at it better.

If you spend time on your own anger or anger, you often find it seriously restricting the feeling and expression of your entire emotion. By limiting yourself, you become a victim of emotions. You may be angry because you feel that someone else is in need of punishment, but in the long run, his wrath is overturned. They may be upsetting the way others estimate it, but if you look at it, you usually find that your place of residence restricts the ability to become more generous in happiness.

If you feel that you are stuck in a situation where you can say yes, then your answer is not from your heart, and your answer is not supported by the emotions created by the body. If you feel you can not say "No," you will probably find that whatever you say, "No" makes the default answer you want to give to others. You probably feel even more frustrated as you emotionally understand that you never share your true feelings. When you can safely speak the "Yes" and "No" truths, you will find that you feel emotional freedom and well-being.

When we tell and do everything when we deeply fall into our emotions, we almost always find that our strongest and most common reaction covers other feelings that we can not fully comprehend. We feel sorry, regretful, abandoned or sad, and we cover these emotions and lose touch with them, rather with expression of anger or anger.

When we find a way to touch our deeper feelings, we always find that we have neglected some form of pain or discomfort. If we neglect or simply not realize our deeper emotional reactions, we lose the ability to express our entire emotional line. In this process we find that we limit our ability to express ourselves and the people with whom we interact with the continuous expression of only one segment of our entire emotional range.

It is important to note that our emotions come from the body. When we feel angry, your body creates reactions that understand your emotional experience with your rational mind. If you respect or love your body, very different reactions are created. With Seishindo and other disciplines, you can get to know the process your body creates its emotional state and understand that you sometimes say something to your body and something other than words. You can understand how to eliminate confusion when you say one thing to your heart and the other to your logical mind. If you are mistaken on a regular basis, you will find that your overall health and vitality is suffering from the process.

Only if you feel you have the right to say "No," you actually put your heart in the "Yes". Only if your body and the rational mind communicate the same message in the same way you feel that you feel confident and calm. Take time to gently reveal your feelings and find that emotional well-being is deep inside, waiting to touch and acknowledge.

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