Communication skills of anger management

The anger management communication skills can be life-saving if they can be implemented when needed. In this article I will show an excellent technique to help neutralize the day-to-day anger.

This technique is called silent empathy or silent understanding the other experiences. While emphasizing them, they will also benefit, because it will reassure you, even if you are envious. Then he can communicate in a functional state of mind. If you are in a dysfunctional state, you will not be able to communicate successfully.

Stress Reduction:

Take some deep breath to get relaxing oxygen in your body. Usually we get dizzy if we are under stress and we need this oxygen to fill our cells.

Treatment of Poisoning by Focusing on Their Needs:

Ask yourself what the other person needs. These needs can be comprehensible, easy, relaxed, financial stability and hope. or just fun. You can find a list of websites listed below. This is the key to reassurance. This process is another method of building sandblasting and building greater confidence. Now we see a human, not an enemy image. This change is important for further communication as we can not communicate with anger.

Example: This is the anger management ability to reduce stress:

Someone says something that makes me angry. This is outrageous and I want to protect myself. In angry mode I will defend myself. We all know that anger does not work. It may work, but not as long as we pay for this kind of communication later. Instead, I switch to a silent empathic mode.

I think this person may not deal with time, respect, perhaps by understanding how difficult it is to day. These are only using the demands. I take a deep breath and my anger disappears. It did not improve the situation, but I am now ready to communicate without anger. This is the goal of joining their needs.

Try now with someone with whom an argument has been spoken and see how powerful this is.

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