Angry people can be very scary, but you must not get rid of your life. You can not change others, but you can change how you react to them, you can train yourself to find it difficult to talk without having to participate in an argument or tear down.

If you can begin to understand how the other person sees things and what you really want, then you will find that you are likely to negotiate with them and give them something they want without selling it.

Before asking a conversation, ask a few questions

=> What exactly are you doing or not?

=> What do I find difficult because of their behavior?

=> How do they react?

=> How do I change my behavior?

=> What can I do to do things better?

=> What can I do?

=> What can I ask for?

=> What can I do?

If you make a conversation before actually receiving it, accepting the responsibility in the situation and examining how to modify your behavior is less likely to be debatable and more likely to be a successful conversation.

Ask yourself how badly the consequences are. If you allow yourself to be angry or tearful, you will spoil your chances of solving the situation.

Spend some time to think that your responses may affect you. What will you do to check your reactions? Think about the answers and decide in advance what you're going to say if you react in advance. If you have a clear idea of ​​what you are going to say, you have more chances to successfully conclude the conversation.

Determine how to end the conversation first if you or the other person loses control of your emotions. Find your way of walking without having to make things worse and try again when both become more relaxed.

Be realistic. Do not wait for a big question to resolve a conversation. It is more likely that you will gradually improve and wait for an immediate solution.

Choose a quiet moment. if it is illegally undisturbed and calmly and reasonably explained, which will upset it. Raise the question carefully and give yourself time to consider what you said.

And remember, "The gentle answer softens the anger, but a rough man raises it."

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