Anger never hurt anyone.

You read this well: anger never hurt anyone. – But what about the homeless? you ask. "These results are anger, and people are definitely injured."

People are violated by aggression and violence, not anger. Anger is an emotion. It feels like love or repentance or pleasure. Feelings are inner experiences. They are not the same as behavior.

Unlike anger, aggression is a behavior. Violence is a behavior. Every day people are worried about aggression and violence. But anger alone is just a feeling and, like any other feeling, innocuous in itself.

However, there are people who do not know what their angry feelings are. Some of them learned in the early stages of life that when they were angry, people, things or themselves should be disappointed. They harm aggression and violence because they do not know what to do with anger.

Others who have never learned to express anger in a healthy way just keep it in, turn them into, and so depressed. Or they create a very negative view of life that nourishes the throbbing anger. Emotions that can not be expressed cause internal damage, but never harm anyone. Only behavior is hurt; and feeling is not a behavior.

Because many people have difficulty in expressing the anger in an appropriate way, our culture has an overwhelming fear of anger. Even research can "ensure" that the phrase of anger only results in greater anger and is counter-therapy. It is a fact that angry people are increasingly angry if they feel as if nobody is listening or caring for their feelings. If an expression of a feeling is acknowledged, understood and accepted by others, then the phasing out of course will happen naturally.

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