From the emotions we experience in our life, it seems that anger is something that we often experience in one way or another. When we think of an angry person, imagine that someone is loud or aggressive; or someone critical and average. But anger is expressed in other ways than in a man who is depressed and turns his anger into anger. Or in a person who is frightened or lonely.

Most often, when they feel the feelings of anger, they warn us of the emotions. That is, there is something behind our anger. For example, we feel angry because what has been said to us has been corrupted. So the underlying emotion hurts. Once we realize this and cope with the pain, we can release the anger. We also feel angry because we feel frustrated that things are not going according to plans. Realizing why we are angry, and engaging in annoyance will help us to free the anger.

Sometimes, when people are angry, they do not realize they experience other feelings. Determining what other feelings of anger they experience is an important first step to learning their anger. Then these feelings can be faced. Sometimes it is much easier to feel angry than to face other feelings like shame, guilt or rejection. These feelings may be unpleasant and unpleasant, and so many people run from their feelings or try to bury them. Drug and alcohol consumption, gambling, promiscuity, holistic work, gossip, etc. All this is proof of this.

So how can we face our wrath and get rid of it? It all depends. We may have to accept certain people or things in our lives. Maybe we can forgive somebody. We may have to work our self-esteem. It may be necessary to change and take action. We may need to learn to handle our emotions. Acceptance, forgiveness, and responsibility will help to release our heart's anger. Unconscious and unmotivated anger does not leave peace and calm, thoughtless mind.

Anger is not all bad. God's emotion helps to make life complete in its entirety. This is what affects our anger, which matters. We learn to handle and control anger before it is destroyed. If needed, we can provide professional assistance. We do not have to be ashamed or feel guilty as we do. We all feel anger from time to time. Anger has no control over us when we decide to release it. Treat our anger, let the poisonous emotions and experience the freedom.

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