Unhealthy anger, created by non-logical beliefs, can have a devastating effect on human life and emotional well-being. This article describes some results that show the appearance of unhealthy anger.

What are the major consequences of unhealthy anger?

1) Behavioral Impact – Man is violent and aggressive. They can attack the man who feels the cause of anger is verbal and physical. They can try to find others to turn to the perpetrator and hatefully take revenge. They can lead to innocent people, animals, or objects in their aggressions. They may retreat and become aggressive.

2) Cognitive Effects – An angry person may exceed the amount that a person intentionally or maliciously imputes. The thinking process will accelerate and you will experience the ideas of competition. Unhealthy anger can cause someone arrogant, thinking that everything is right and others are always wrong. It is difficult to see things from a different point of view, and no other viewpoints can be seen. You can spend the time thinking about revenge.

3) Physiological Effects – An angry man will feel the stress. It will be difficult to relax. Your heart rate will increase and muscle tension will be generated. Shaking and trembling may occur. Your body temperature will rise and sweat, especially in your hands. The breath will be short and fast. It will be very difficult to breathe. The skin appears red and it feels anxious and agitated. Stomach pain and nausea are common, as well as sensation. The jumps appear on the edges.

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