Do you remember a child what to tell your mom when you're angry? "Take a few deep breaths and count ten". Did it work? Not very often in my case, but after a while I was so angry I did not want to try to underscore the beast. The fact that anger is part of life. It is just as part of life as other emotions than happiness and compassion.

Nobody knows, angry. This usually only responds to a situation that is part of the human nervous system. The first feeling I can recognize in my son and who is now pulling a huge five-year era was angry. How soon can you start handling anger?

Anger tells you more about yourself than others. Tell us more about your own temperament and how you react to the world when you do not deal with the cards you want. You do not have to serve your anger. There are so many choices about how to handle this emotion, what kind of dress you choose.

Nobody notices any form of anger. Nobody knows anyway. Anger is no different from what you choose. This causes problems for all ages and for all men and women in life. If you allow wild anger to run, you may poison your life.

Anger is something you have to treat, not cure. In order to deal with anger, we need to focus on the positive side of the situation wherever you are at home, at your workplace or in the most intimate relationship. Fearing means a little more than merely a few deep breaths and counting up to ten.

I know a lot of energy needs to be angry. He also needs great energy to remain angry and even more to associate this anger. I'm exhausted, I just thought about it, and as I grow older I do not have the energy to waste. It is important to use this valuable resource during daily tasks to make you feel better than to feel like an emotion that can feel angry and defeated.

I believed in the old saying "what's going on around him" and the principle of reciprocity, especially when it comes to human emotions. If I do a favor and say, thank you, I ask them to simply forward it because I think life is like a two-way street. A benevolent act is often followed by another and sends more love there, the more love will come the way. The same applies to the less attractive feeling of fear and anger.

Experts now have different arguments about how people express their anger and their impact on health. Wisely, there is anxiety about how much a person is like a person and not how to keep or quit. If you are seldom angry and can let go fast, no matter how you breathe. If you find yourself always angry and recovering and hanging for days, you will pay the price regardless of how you express it. There may be a problem and this can have an adverse effect on your health at any time. Keep in mind that there are specialists who can help.

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