Anger is part of our emotional landscape. Regardless of this emotional outburst of anger, he lost his patience with something stupid or some kind of road rage, we all got rid of the anger to bring the best at a time.

Developing skills to develop positive anger becomes more important if we can not control our anger and devastating outbursts. Destructive eruption does not necessarily mean that something is injured or physically injured. It only means that because you can not control angry responses to a real or perceived irritation, you've done something harmful to someone, something or even yourself.

Anger can damage your relationship with others and may be harmful to your health. When anger drives you, you feel that we are in the kind of mercy we are not directed at.

Anger can cause things you would not normally do – even things you might regret your whole life.

Anger can have more impact on physical well-being than one. Studies have shown that anger increases its blood pressure and heart rate. Hormone levels, such as adrenaline and noradrenaline, are also increased if you are angry.

Anger retreats emotionally to the Cave Age, when combat or flight replies are the only way to survive in an uncivilized world.

They learn positive anger management skills. The acquisition of these skills is more commonly needed by young people and teenagers who have not learned to deal with anger.

If you feel that you are in danger of losing your patience in ways that may harm you or others, you should always seek professional help. Your parents, pastors, doctors, school counselors or trusted, responsible friends are all people who can help.

Below is a list of the suggestions we have to try when you begin to feel that your anger comes out of control.

first Give yourself time. Get away from the subject of anger.

2nd Beat a pillow or punch bag.

3rd Draw or illustrate the feelings of anger.

4th Write about your feelings.

5th Practice or do a physical job.

These can not be long-term solutions, but the initial feelings of anxiety cool down. This, in turn, allows you to think more logically about how to deal with your anger.

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