We're all in a situation where the man around us has lost his patience. If you're on the sidelines, just look at the situation and see how it is playing. When you are one of those directly involved, it is not that easy and if you are a supervisor, then it can be a real challenge to "treat" someone in this sense. What steps can you take to promote the situation?

First you have to keep the cool one. In no way can you win an argument by being hot with your head and shouting to win. This may be a step up, and then physical confrontation occurs. Even if you "win" a loud match or a physical confrontation you've lost in the long run because people remember your lack of control. In all situations, you must remain calm and do not let the situation be personal. Even if the hot head launches a personal verbal attack, stay calm.

Second, you have to figure out what the ball was up to. Exactly what happened and started doing things and how to do this information to make it easier for you? This includes empathy. Do not jump right to someone to repair. Just let them know why you're nervous. At the same time, you want to remain sincere, so do not fake empathy.

Third; Understand that sometimes a man must take up his frustrations in a scattered situation. Taking some time and space will go away with steam. He can not let the appearance of anger hinder his entire work, but he may allow a person to feel emotional. Often somewhere in the river some landing is needed. Find the positive elements and let the person know that you hear what they say. Sometimes only one word or two possible changes can bring some sailors out of the wind.

Finally, let's not forget that listening is one of the strongest tools in staff management. If you wait patiently and really listen to what you are talking about, you may be surprised what you can learn. Sometimes a person has a lot of personal life and something happening in some work. The question of work can only induce feelings and stress from other aspects of their lives. Take a few minutes and really listen to what they say. Often a sympathetic ear will be any person you really need. You may remember this to prevent future outbreaks. Everyone appreciates the listener.

Breakouts are emotions. They attack quickly and stop fast. A good manager / supervisor knows this is a temporary situation that is handled in the most collected way after a person has calmed down. In the middle of cheating, it is not the place where negativism, corrective actions or possible consequences are raised. Probably the problem as well as the rest. Wait for coldness to return and subtract the person off-line to straighten things up. The praise is best done in public and in private matters in other cases.

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