Anger is such a strong emotion that is necessary for the protection of human rights. Anger allows you to free up frustration and threaten your personal space. Almost every animal has the means to eliminate anger or prevent aggression. Most animals, including the snake, the chameleon or the elephant, express anger expressly as a result of violating or endangering personal space. Such animals will be tacit and friendly until they really feel their threat. Aggression or anger is more pronounced when considered to be the most valuable animal.

They say that man is a psychological being. It's broken in two, which means that the human brain works both psychically and logically. The right side of the brain says it processes emotional psycho functions like anger. The left side of the brain says that it processes the logic functions. In the anger of the brain, the better part of the brain that controls the psycho events is what would be active.

Anger can be demonstrated through violent acts or retreat. The reaction varies individually.

There are several anger factors. They can vary from person to person and may also depend on the culture of the people. There are some behaviors that can be considered provocation in a community, but they can be welcomed in another. Fears that cause anger include disappointment, overthrow, loss of jobs, and lack of forgiveness, among others.

Similarly, individuals' personalities, including anger and its control, can determine the expectations of the community. For example, in most oriental or African cultures, women are expected to docile and do not express anger while men are likely to show their anger, including physically violent behavior.

Therefore anger alone is not a problem. The problem is the lack of control of anger. The lack of treatment of anger was fear because of the reasons behind rage. The primary reason is that the lack of Anger control

depends heavily on an individual's ability to respond calmly to provocative situations. This may require some training. Emotional control is important because anger is the expression of emotional renunciation.

Discovery of a Person Within You Dahn Yoga and Meditation is a primary step in dealing with anger. These exercises enable you to find more energy from inside to be able to solve every challenge. Tolerance levels rise to thresholds that would be able to accept the degree of forgiveness needed to deal with effective anger.

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