At one time in wealth, almost everyone has serious disagreement or reasoning with somebody close to him. You may be a spouse, child, parent, or others. There are some times when it seems that they are coming out of the way to us next to us to disrupt us.

The sad part is that these arguments are temporarily lost in the right feeling and we say things that deeply violate the other person. In fact, if you think a lot of things we have to say in a fight with a beloved man, things that we would never tell a stranger, no matter how annoying the stranger.

Many wondered why they are inclined to verbally attack our closest family members if there is any reason to be angry or nervous. In spite of any rationalization, in most cases, anger is not a very loving act.

Why do we treat strangers much more often than we treat our own children, spouses, and others closely?

The reason is pretty simple. We show greater anger to the people we love because the more we love someone, the more open our hearts.

This is not a question in itself – it really must be so. The problem is that the more open we are, the more vulnerable we are to those close to us. When a stressful situation on a family member arises, the rage is shielded. That's why they tempt our family much more forcefully than a stranger.

Most people have long-term relationships like marriage with the best intentions. No one takes a wife with the intention of causing violent events, inflammatory pain and pain to their spouse. Unfortunately, by fear and anger we consume what we are doing in a way that is extremely devastating in relationships.

It's easy to move from anger to violence, especially when revenge feelings are affected. High levels of emotional stability and maturity are required to maintain an even spine in the tested situations.

Most importantly, you are always aware of your thoughts, emotions, and actions, especially when we feel that a difficult situation exists. Be aware of the choices you make. Our decisions are affected by unconscious impulses much more than unnoticed. Our autopilot life can be very dangerous.

We must constantly strive to achieve a higher level of mental awareness if we want to preserve our families and relationships between emotional storms and stressful situations that will inevitably arise.

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