This means that negative emotions such as anxiety, despair, sorrow and sorrow make the individual susceptible to illness and illness. They do not directly cause illness and illness, but what they do to the body (such as reducing the body's immune system) will have major causes.

The body's combat or flight reaction (the root of stress) is an urgent measure, both of which are vital and valuable for survival. The only problem is that complex experiences of this emergency measure may be detrimental, as it is very disruptive. It triggers emotional dysfunctions, releases catecholamine hormones that inhibit many bodily functions. These functions include inhibition of stomach and digestive function, thereby reducing the intake of the required nutrients; curbing more eresion in many body areas, thus reducing its functioning; reduces tears and salivary gland function, preventing the body from getting sick and releasing chemicals in the muscles during preparation of muscle activity, which may become poisonous if not used.

Debilitating individuals with certain health-impairing factors such as decreased appetite, severe headaches that may lead to migraine may lead to sleeplessness that can lead to insomnia, can quickly think about prone to blood vessels. brain.

Since stress caused by anxiety has become a modern modern human disease, many anxiety attacks and stress management techniques have been developed. Some of them are:

Time Management = Stress Management

One of the most common root problems in workplace anxiety is the overwork that can not be done. Approximation to deadlines causes anxiety that slows down work. One of the timeless stress management techniques is time management. Such stress can often be cured by satisfying the work done and efficient time management is always equivalent to effective stress management.


One of the best anxiety attacks and stress management techniques, the best vaccine for all diseases is overall well-being. This is happy. Take the time to ask yourself: What can I do for me to be happy? Allow these joys, alone or socially, as long as you create a happy feeling within you.

Laughter is still the best medicine

It's so small that it has lost its meaning long ago. Yet laughter is by far the best drug. Find ways to laugh; allows you to spend energy while enjoying a positive outlook on your life. Laughter can be the ace in your finger when it comes to fighting anxiety and stress attacks.

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