Your astrological sign not only suggests suicide, but also affects how you choose to do it.

Suicide is a tragic reaction to stress, pressure, anger, depression and sometimes mental illness. Why is a person facing the circumstances who decide to put an end to their lives if another person in a similar situation is not going to consider it, often their personality traits and characteristics (of course, among other factors). Anyone whose astrological knowledge is convinced knows that a person's signed sign undermines their personality, creativity, intelligence, success, and more.

A comprehensive study of 60,000 unnatural deaths has shown that a person's astrological sign not only affects the way they live, it also affects how they may die. In particular, considering suicide (such as one of more than 10 methods of revised unnatural deaths) there is a clear correlation between the method used and suicide and the relevant star mark.

If you know about Astrology, I think that you have already come to your conclusions about the sign likely to commit suicide and how to do it.

In order to get a clear picture of astrological signs and suicide, we examined four methods in Detail. In drug overdose, Bak and Leo were equal leaders in the fact that Scorpio was the least likely to have committed suicide in this way. Fish are most likely to die depending on suicide, and Scorpio is the least likely. Carbon monoxide poisoning (usually in a car) is the method most commonly used by Taurus, the least likely is Sagittarius suicide. In this paper, he examined the ultimate way of death: death with a gun, Virgos's first place, and Scorpios for the last time.

For the above reasons, the first-placed signals can be examined more in detail from the characteristics of each signal (negative and positive). For example: Pisces, a deeply watched water sign fights with intense fantasies to cope with reality. Add to that high level of vulnerability many fish suffer and a certain mood for the dramatic, and it is not difficult to explain why Pisces scores first hung. Scorpio is the least likely to die of unnatural death for any reason, but this is the most likely sign for the death of another person.

If you know that the sign in unnatural deaths and especially suicide is better prepared to seek help if you need it, observe your weaknesses and recognize your strengths

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