People were always curious to know their future. If someone is in a difficult position and can not come up easily, he wants to know if the days of his misery are over. And if so, when? By investing a lot of time, effort, or money into a project, it is natural that this investment should bear its fruit. There have always been people who have successfully predicted future events. Their methods developed differently – some people simply look at the future, some use tarot cards, some form an astrological chart, called a horoscope, and some people read the lines of the people's hands. It can not be denied that the future has been accurately predicted by many and many. All successful predictions show that it is possible to predict the future in the future.

In ancient times astrologers enjoyed great popularity. There was no difference between astronomers and astrologers. It is a fact that astronomy and astrology can not be considered as two different subjects. Many will be surprised to know that the restored scientists of the past, including Sir Isaac Newton, were also astrologers. In ancient India, Astrology is known as "Jyotish Shastra", which includes predictive astrology and what we know as astronomy. Needless to say, the astrologers of the era were all great mathematicians. An excellent astrologer was called "Trikal-darshee" who saw the past, the scenes and the future. It would probably be no exaggeration to say that Astrology was the most important branch of science.

Slowly for a while this subject stumbled.

How did the astonishing status quit?

The fact of life is that people emulate successful, popular and recognized people. Seeing the social status of astrologers, the chakras were masked as astrologers. They learn some of the tricks of the trade and start fooling the faithful people. It was and still is a very profitable business. The astrologer looks for money with a forecast, while not guaranteeing that his predictions are true. No money back guarantee :-). When an astrologer sets up a shop, people start coming to him in the hope that he might be able to anticipate his future. The astrologer is in a wonderful position. For example, you can make estimates of ten people and get one prediction. The nine people he predicted poorly will never come back to him. But the tenth man whom the astrologer was able to correctly predict not only comes back to him, but refers to others as well, referring to personal experience. So the astrologer is always flourishing, regardless of whether he is himself in commerce. But the disadvantage was that astrologers, as groups, seemed to be many dubious people as politicians of the modern age. When such an impression began to gain ground, astrology as a theme was no longer attractive to intelligent people. Those talented people began to become acquainted with other disciplines. Over time, the inevitable happened. There is no talent that is valuable, he decides to consider astrology as a profession or hobby, and is the result of all for today.

There was another very important reason why astrology is one of the least known areas. Losing India, the fountainhead of human civilization, and the ancient state of the ancient world (see India lost its glory). Islamic hordes, who have often attacked and plundered India and then ruled over the country for over a hundred years, did not honor priceless works of art, magnificent architecture and other prominent areas of human endeavor. They destroyed most of the ancient temples, burned down libraries like Nalanda and Takshshila, and countless infinite countless infinite wisdom from future generations of humanity. A large amount of fixed knowledge contains lost, astrological books. This loss proved to be irreparable as the then Indian society was committed to securing survival and held a constant fight against the aggressors. Those few people with invaluable texts and scripts with them were difficult to preserve the remaining works of ancient wise men. Therefore, when you study astrology, you feel that there are some vital relationships missing. Hindu philosophy lost its foundation, it was natural that astrology would lose its prominent place. As modern science has evolved and the scientific temperament has arrived, astrologers have become oblivious because of the lack of true astrologers.

Criticism and Defense

Astrology is dubbed by people for two main reasons. First of all, of course, the astrologers' predictions often go wrong. Second, if someone takes the horoscope for different astrologers, he prepares different predictions. They also give different horoscopes with the same data as a person's birth. These facts force people to see that astrology is not science and can only be a tool for astrologers for astrologers. profit.

We can not argue that the above reasons apply. However, there is a certain prejudice against astrology, which is also involved in the disdain of this science. Take an example to illustrate this point.

One man is ill because of some illness. He goes to a neighbor doctor. The doctor advises him to carry out some tests. Taking into account the results of these studies and the symptoms of the patients, the doctor concludes that the man is ill with some disease, saying: Sickosis :-). It has some medicines and the patient goes home hoping to get rid of the disease as soon as possible. After taking the medicines for the next two days, the patient finds that medicines do not work in the way they are supposed to work. He goes back to the doctor and the doctor changes the medication and he reacts immediately to the second drug collection. Within a few days, the person returned to his old healthy self.

What would have happened if the person did not answer the second medication? He probably went to another doctor. The doctor would have advised him to carry out further examinations, diagnose the problem based on his own knowledge and experience and handle it accordingly. Again, it would be the same probability that a patient would get rid of his illness.

So in the end right is the problem of correct diagnosis. As soon as the disease is properly diagnosed, it can be successfully treated. The doctor's problem is the correct identification of the disease, based on the symptoms and results of the tests performed. In fact, based on the symptoms of the patient, he imagines the disease and confirms his suspicions, the doctor asks the patient to carry out examinations. If the doctor's first guess is wrong, he recommends a new series of tests for the patient to confirm the second most beloved speculation in the disease.

There is another element that makes it more difficult for the patient to have better chances: the test results. If the laboratory makes a mistake, the doctor must take the results out of the way. It has often been observed that even with the same symptoms and with the same test results, different doctors may otherwise diagnose the problem.

The same thing happens in the context of astrology, evidence that it is not science. When a doctor makes a mistake, his skills are not caused by medical sciences. But if an astrologer fails, then astrology is a pseudo-science. If doctors can reach different conclusions based on the same data, why should not the difference between astrologers be allowed? If you take blood samples from the same patient for different laboratories, you will almost certainly find the differences in your findings. If the machines built with the scientific knowledge available require mistakes, then nobody will disrupt modern science. But when it comes to astrology, people are just too willing to let go. They may try to prove that what is termed is a scientific temperament.

Why are astrologers wrong in their predictions?

Lack of knowledge: This is perhaps the most important reason. Most astrologers, after learning a little bit, find it difficult to withstand the temptation to start predicting. A certain percentage of predictions is true, as they eventually taught a little astrology. They can not withhold their half-baked knowledge. Another reason if the temptation to begin to propagate, as soon as possible, the fruits of the efforts made to learn the subject. After customers begin to preserve, they lose the urge to learn more. Furthermore, there is little spare time left to make further efforts to find out more. They have occupied people too much.

Lack of talent: In modern times, since the subject's continuation is not considered very respectable, geniuses do not participate in studying astrology. Rather, rather for scientists, engineers, doctors, artists, artists, etc. They want to be. It does not help the development of astrology, nor does it help to expand knowledge or find the missing links on this topic. There are currently no serious research projects in this area. So this knowledge base is not updated.

Incorrect Data: Because astrology is based on mathematics, data such as birth time, and so on. If this data is incorrect, the horoscope and consequently its interpretation are incorrect. The position of the chips, the positions of the house, and the position of the planet must be accurate at a given moment. The countless ephemeris are so different that it looks incredibly. The most accurate data (such as NASA) has to be tracked for calculations in this age of science. In general, astrologers tend to be on a straightforward journey by following certain numbers of readiness, which leads to inaccuracies in their calculation.

The fate of the subject: It may not be the future of the reader of his future that he does not like to know in the future. This idea may seem far, but it is not. Even in modern times, due to the development of medicine, patients can completely cure the disease. If a person dies due to pneumonia, despite the fact that millions of people are successfully crowned every year. If fate can play a role here, why not play the same role in astrology?

Nature of the Future: Modern science consists of two parts: the known and the unknown. They think that whatever is unknown today will be known tomorrow. After a while, everything becomes known one day. But the enlightened sages said that some aspect of existence was unknown. These things do not belong to the field of human knowledge. Some aspects of the future are within the same range.

Anyone who studying astrology in an open mind can not leave it as something uninteresting. It is an easy task for astrologers to accurately tell certain things about a person, for example, their physical properties and illnesses that are likely to be wounded, their temperament, their general lifestyle for the money or fame they earn, the nature of their profession, etc., simply by looking at the right horoscope. In the details and the timing of events, astrologers are prone to the situation. What is needed is a new approach to the subject. The brilliant minds must learn and correct some of the abnormalities and delusions that this science has acquired in the past. Only then can this theme restore its place as a serious and important branch of knowledge.

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