A brainwaves like alpha (7 Hz – 13 Hz), promote happiness and well-being

. Other brainwaves, such as high beta (20.5 Hz to 28 Hz), are even more depressed and nervous when they do not get a chance to rest.

The state of brainwave frequencies affects how we are in the world and how we see the world. 19659002] When both sides of our brain are balanced and stable on the left and right hemisphere, life does not look so scary and we are not over or not responding to life's challenges.

Changing brain waves stimulates the kundalini phenomenon by migrating brain waves, leaving their minds mentally and emotionally balanced with "neutral eyes".

Everyone can reach Kundalini but needs a lot of commitment. [19595002] What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a spiritual energy that is the basis of the spinal column, in the subtle, invisible form of the physical body. Regardless of the religious, spiritual, or meditative traditions that follow this energy, it is the most innate and indispensable part of spiritual development or enlightenment. Kundalini awakens all your chakras.

Recording a special brainwave recording will take up to thirty minutes of frequency for the brain, which will stimulate the awakening of the kundalini state of mind. If you naturally try to do this by using meditation, you can do 20 or 30 years to reach "enlightenment." Neural stimulation significantly accelerates the process. Using transmitted capture, new brain neural networks are inserted, which become stronger and stronger, the more you can reach them and do so with repeated sessions. If you have the intent, and you focus again, Kundalini can be activated within 6-8 months. This is not a simple one-day meditation. However, the way that every chakra opens up can be amazing. Kundalini opens all your chakras, from the root to the crown, directs the spiritual energy of your own.

  • The Benefits of Kundalini

    • Enjoys the Whole Brain – Amygdala
    • Awakens the whole brain – the amygdala, the hippocampus, (19659008) Burns of unused parts of the brain
    • After awakening, your brain becomes superordinate and your attention will be like the laser
    • Increases DHEA production
    • ] Increases melatonin, which exerts a self-healing effect during deep sleep
    • Increases Psychic Ability
    • Helps witness the unity of all consciousness.
    • The Brache's Alchemical Power Is Essential For Vigorous Hormones and Higher Spiritual Energy
    • Provides Greater Intellect and Strength (Sacrifice Man's Power)
    • Helps Join With Universal Consciousness
    • Increases IQ [19659015] Strengthens Intuition
    • Makes Emotional, Empathic, and Telepathic
    • Slows the Ages
    • Cares With You Charisma
    • Explains Your Leadership
    • Peace and Wisdom
    • It helps you connect with your spirituality. Kundalini may wake up spontaneously if it is under extreme stress like emotional shock or physical injury – sometimes when it comes to the birth process or wake up in steps and steps, as every chakra opens .

      The brainwave access can be accessed there. It may be a long way, but the sights along the way can be "blurred".

      Be strong with you.

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