At some point in our lives, there are such strong emotions as anger.

Mostly, anger is considered a negative emotion that needs to be released, but surprisingly, anger is also a positive thing. Like most things in life, anger is not black and white. Anger is not all negative or all positive. There is a huge gray spatial spectrum between each extreme.

Of course, we all have heard of the negative consequences of anger, here are the main problems that people always talk about:

  • Anger Can Make You Patient
  • When you're angry, "stress hormone" cortisol is activated and some experts suggest that this hormone is associated with all sorts of negative outcomes

    Duke University researcher Redford Williams found that anger could still negatively affect heart and our vascular system. So yes, anger can be related to serious health issues like heart attacks.

    1. Anger Can Destroy Your Relationships

    No one wants to spend time with someone who is too angry at times.

    If you have an angry problem, you will have a serious challenge in your social life. Friends, family members or even aliens are refusing to spend time with you. If your anger does not deal with your problem, the locks are afraid of you and you are slowly moving away from it.

    Sad truth, which hurt many people.

  • Anger May Damage Your Thoughts and Judgments
  • When you're angry and you're upset with emotions, you're unlikely to be able to make good, clear, clever decisions. A high level of intense emotions often suggests that they are thoughtless, dangerous and behave completely badly.

    On the other hand, the positive effects of anger are often not so obvious. It is not often associated with anger with good results. You said there are some advantages of anger that can help you:

    1. Anger Moves to Take Action

    Sometimes a bit of anger is all we need to get rid of and make some constructive things. In history, many important events have risen from anger – repression of anger, wrath of the law of injustice, rage of the explosive status quo, rage of unfair racial discrimination, etc.

    A more specific example: Have you worked hard to prove that skeptics are wrong?

    This is the anger in action. You are angry to have doubts about being motivated to prove them badly if they succeed

    1. Anger can be a clear expression of standards and boundaries

    When you're angry, you'll notice it. This is a good thing because it can lead you to find a solution to the problem that was primarily annoying you.

    When you direct anger to someone, they now know that there is a problem (and it is very likely that this is a). Then you can work with him.

    Hide the anger of relationships can actually be disadvantageous. If people are angry and do not realize – they will probably continue to behave and both will lie.

    Although the negative effects of anger are likely to outweigh the positives, this does not mean that there is no place for anger in our lives. The most important thing is to make sure that you are aware of your anger, you have a powerful strengthening power, and use it as acting as power to make constructive things

    Embrace it. Accept it. And use this latent force for good today!

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