Infants' brain development is much greater than ours. The brain consists of billions of brain cells, called neurons. Each neuron has a processing power of one pc. Everyone has an equal number of neurons.

So why are smart people and some are not?

This is due to neurons. Each neuron connects with each other. It looks like wire, electrical connection. This is the link that determines our intelligences and behaviors. The more we use our brain, the more it connects.

Brain develops before age 10
50% of learning ability is the first 4 years.
30% of learning ability is between 5 and 10 years.
The 8-month-old baby has 1,000 trillion nerve. As it grows, it reduces to 500 trillion. A child who has no way of revealing will not be smart.

90% of children use their left brains. However, the right brain should also be developed. The school curriculum encourages the left brain. The right brain is creativity, imagination, holistic thinking, art, rhythm, emotions, visualization, dreaming, etc. It is formed. So, in order for both brains to function systematically, both of them need an equal level of activity. Use your mind to increase your learning power and brain power. Provide a development program for children. It helps in their development. The brain is actually the basis of "USE IT" or "LOSE IT".

Experts recommend that they develop and enhance the minds of children as they need a systematic stage-level education program. ALL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS. This kind of activity stimulates the brain. It is also easier to get a lifestyle in the young age. Regular exercise can help brain activity.

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