Baby is the most valuable thing on Earth. At the earliest stages of life, they are 100% dependent on the mother to take care of them. It involves dressing, nourishing, cleaning, loving and teaching them. If a baby is just born, then you can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Every sense (hopefully) is up and running and most organs are developed except the brain. It is the parents' duty to teach the children until they are gone to school. But now, you are my teacher. There are some very good and useful tips that will help your child become knowledgeable, a better developing, good-spirited conversation.

First, an infant must have some physical contact with the BOTH parents. Knowing that there is someone who loves and gives a sense of security. You must know that you are there. Do not ignore them when they cry. The infant can not talk when he was born for the first time, so in a way they know that something is bad and that is crying. When she wears it, she tries to tell you something is wrong, whether it's a diaper, or the label on her shirt hurts, something is wrong.

Next, visual stimulation is very important for babies. I do not know if a cat is a lover because I am but I'll tell you a test that a scientist ran on visual stimulation. They took small kittens and sewn their left eyes until they reached six months. When they removed the string, the kittens were blind in their left eye. I know this was a terrible test, but the point is, the kittens did not have a visual stimulus, whatever they EVER saw their eyelids, so the eye did not work. It's the same with babies. Light colored objects not only receive babies' attention and impress, but create visual stimulation that will help you in the long run.
Another thing is the language. babies learn everything from their parents, including the language. Wait a few minutes to read your children. You have a cool job with them, if you can sit on their lap, face them and talk to them. Not only will they react to not seeing their faces, but will be curious about how they move their lips and tongues to create such sounds. They react to this. But keep in mind that the baby can only see their faces in front of their faces, so you're nearing them when you talk, helping them.

One thing that every baby needs music. There was no study that pointed out to introduce babies who have been listening to Mozart, have been exalted in mathematics, I do not really know why, but that's true, babies are hearing in the womb. Something he did for a friend's brother put on a headset on his stomach and began to play music for the baby while still pregnant.The baby has only six years but is incredibly smart

All this is just a few good ideas I've learned in my child development class in recent weeks but I had to share them with them to try them out because they assume that they are really good at the baby's mind. I hope you will enjoy trying their young ones!

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