Movies take us to different worlds. Sometimes sometimes they are shocking when we look at our watches and seemingly magnified for three hours.

When watching, some movies contain life lessons. Here are the best three movie quotes and tips on how to be successful in life.

1. Harry Potter and the Elections

"Our decisions, Harry, show us what we are, far more than our capabilities."

– JK Rowling, (Professor Dumbledore Speaks to Harry Potter)

Our actions show the truth we value. How many times have you heard someone say that health is valuable but still consuming foods that are not good health?

As far as ability is concerned, you can do it with masterly tools, enjoy a sport, or lead a team or a nation. Natural talents can only be taken away if you do not choose to develop and educate. If you decide to let this talent stay underdeveloped – what do you say about yourself?

Plus talents can be used to kill or abuse humans instead of bringing the world to a better place. We are about to pick who we really have the opportunity.

2. Forrest Gump and Attitude Mom always said that life is like a box of chocolate. Forrest Gump on "Forrest Gump"

Want to know what's happening before it happens? What if you knew when you were going to die and how? Would you react differently if two years to 40 years?

Although we can try to control life and what is happening, which can result in a very scary and hard-hitting human being to gain more momentum to contact and trust in the Universe (or God or other religious divinities) to lead us. and enjoy more

Whatever your life, we can choose how we react, we have to choose how to deal with ourselves, what we think and what we are saying. and we look forward to curiosity every day, easy access to our lives.

3. Happy Feet and We Are Out […] … we all need to find heart songs. "This is the voice you hear from the inside

– The Little Penguin" Happy Feet "

Do you remember the" Happy Feet "little penguin who could not stop dancing? to be able to express the music within it, and we all have music in it, waiting for it to be expressed, some of us moving forward in the process than others

No matter where you are in the process, you still have time to play your song. sit and listen, you may have some attempts (or a lot), but you will hear it

When watching the next movie, see if there is something resonating with you Try it out and see if it will help create a better life [19659018]

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