The struggles between creation and science supporters are great. Evangelical churches support the relocation of Jews to Israel with the intention of transforming them into Christianity. All of these contradictions are caused by an erroneous explanation of the original Hebrew scroll of Moses, which can be found in all the books of today's religions. The misunderstanding of the original Bible gives Jews more trouble and difficulty than gathering people in the spirit of harmony and fraternity as the Bible has planned.

This begins with the first sentence of the Bible's story about creation. Christian missionaries are taught that the first sentence, which speaks of Elohim (for little Hebrew word for God), the heavens and the earth are a word that has multiple tensions, and therefore Christians teach that God is in many forms. Since this definition meets their needs, missionaries will not accept that Elohim is a strange expression that metaphorically manifests itself in the multitude of God's strengths and plans a multitude of dignity. There are two proofs of Jewish teachings. The first is that the & # 39; created & # 39; singular (unlike English, in Hebrew, verbs in plural or singular tensions) and this proves that the noun represented by it is unique. The second proof is that through the bible of the Jews, God constantly repeats that He is one and is not in it, not in heaven or in the earth. Does God lie and deceive the Jews? For other religions, their Bible versions are reproduced in translations of the translations of Moses according to their needs, and they claim that there are some secret messages that, if not fully understood, indicating that God has a son and God consists of different parts, that the Jews are destined to hell. Well, that indicates that God is a misleading, reckless sadist.

But the misuse of the Bible to mislead and transform Jews that can not be known about their religion is not the only problem we see in the category of bad translation and misinterpretation.

The fundamental mistake of the fundamentalist Jews and Christians remains the claim that the world was created within six 24-hour days. Of course, this is the basis for the greatest conflicts with science.

Biblical keywords that cause this problem are "evening", & # 39; & # 39; morning, & # 39; and the sun. & # 39; Every part of the biblical story of creation ends with words: it was evening, it was morning and day (every numbered day). & # 39; The first twist to a misunderstanding caused by the traditional translation that the evening until the morning does not specify the 24-hour day.

However, the main line of punishment is that if we take into account the etymological derivation of the Hebrew words and translate them when they are used at the time of the Sinai trip, we get it:

Forms created are still interrupted .

in the morning – it also means that these (these) forms are already distinct & # 39;

day-also means it rises (moves to higher level or level) & # 39;

The most inevitable purposeful translation of the original Hebrew can be found in the quotation of the Ten Commandments. Very Christian confessors believe that they receive exactly the same translation of the Ten Commandments as the Jews at Mount Sinai, but that is not the case. Time does not allow for a detailed analysis of that part of the Bible, so I will only discuss one word and say that "you will not kill", but translation does not "kill" in Hebrew Bible books.

& # 39; Earth & # 39; and "murder" are not synonymous. When a soldier shoots an armed terrorist who wants to shake a city, a soldier takes a life but is not a killer. The murder is that they are taking their lives illegally. There are huge legal and moral differences in these two words. The Bible is full of instructions when it comes to life, and there are many causes for the death penalty. Hebrew language with very specific words both "murder" and "murder" are why Christian Bibles are read, will not you kill? What is the excuse for the original Bible being misconstrued and actually deceiving its followers?

Do you really want to know? Okay, ask the minister, and then ask why he was not trusted with the correct translation.

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