At the time of your baby's birth, any such neuron is already present in the physiological system that the child will live throughout his life. The number of such neurons is about 100 billion. However, most of these billion neurons are linked after birth. There are certain developments in the brain that occur before birth.

The primary development of the child's brain occurs when the baby is in the mother's womb. The first thirty-six weeks are very important when carrying the infant in the womb. During this period, the baby learns many important things that are very important in the rest of the baby's life. The brain begins to form a regular shape and the baby begins to slowly develop the primary sensory organs. The baby's taste buds are evolving at this stage, and after the taste buds mature slightly, the baby actually tastes the regular meals. Baby's brain is slowly maturing, and this development leads to the whole process of child development. At this stage, brain development involves the baby's sexual development, hearing development, and other important developments required by the human body. It sounds unbelievable, but it is a fact that your baby can shape your memories at this early stage of brain development.

The baby begins to learn when she was a kid. It promotes the baby's brain's pre-natal development in understanding the outside world when the baby opens his eyes and sees the first ray of the sun. The development of the brain for children is a permanent and long lasting process. If you think your child takes too much time to learn anything, do not think that something is abnormal. The baby might take more time to learn something. This depends on the brain and its functions.

The brain develops day by day. If the baby is three months old, you may notice that the baby responds slowly to your voice. When the baby was a baby, the baby heard his voice and other voices coming from the outside world. The fetus was accustomed to your voice when the trial process started. Baby's memories can be in all things and are related to the usual voice.

The brain development of children is not a short-term process at all. The development process begins very early in life and stops with life. The child's brain has plasticity more than one adult. For this reason, children can remember things more than any adult. It helps kids to learn more about the environment.

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