They are often said; "Mind is a terrible thing to waste," and when we hear this quote, it has a perfect sense. Yet, I would like to explain another wasteful process, and it reads articles that do not provide quality information or information. You can see that there are still many online articles on the development of consciousness that have been written by so-called specialists in the field, and yet, these people have not improved their IQs for years.

In fact, many people seem to be in the decreasing years of their lives, not the building of the brain. They also said it; "Use or lose it" when it comes to brain development. Therefore, no matter what age the writers of the online article write about the theoretical development, they have bought to get their own advice, and if that advice is used, they will personally work with them and those who advise reading articles.

If you want to write articles on this topic, the first thing you should remember is that you have to follow your own advice and lead an example. On the other day, I contacted a brain development and theoretical specialist who wrote articles on the Internet.

Moreover, I was surprised to learn that you reacted very slowly to your questions and could not think at the same rate as I could ask. This makes no sense to me, and it is unnecessary to say that I did not pick up his mind's improvement strategies, e-books, CD-ROMs, or I did not participate in his techniques.

The next point is that if you want to write articles on this topic, you need to know that every brain is a bit different and that needs to be taken into account with all the advice you give because it is not a size – everything and never was. Every brain is different.

While explaining this to the reader, he is well ahead of other online authors who write these important questions. Please consider this.

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