They said that the development of music and brain hand in hand. Music is often used to simulate and improve both halves of the brain.

According to softpedia, research has shown that music training has a significant impact on the development of young children's brain. Researchers have found that music-educated children perform better in a memory test that correlates with other skills, such as literacy, verbal memory, visual-spatial processing, math, and intelligence.

Music exposure should start off as soon as possible for your child to develop into development.

Before birth, and when a baby is born, it is recommended that classical music be played to listen to them. However, most moms and new moms may be embarrassed on their ears if they are not classical music lovers. I suggest you listen to music or your favorite radio station easily.

I remember when my child felt more frequent kicks when I listened to a cheerful melody. He showed that even a fetus could "react" to the vibrations that it felt from the radio waves.

When my children were born I sent them a variety of music. From classical, children's songs, country and from west to rock to different radio stations. I also sing and play my babies while feeding or playing with them during the day. I feel it helped to strengthen the bondage of our mother book.

Music helped the baby calm and reassure them when they were newborns due to cholera. The melodic melodies I sang for her helped ease my anxiety and mine while she learned to relax.

From the intense and stressful mood, for relaxing and peaceful music, they were amazed at the sex and the child's stress relieving.

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