For all those who want to learn how to meditate, this seems to be an upward fight. Especially at first.

Everything is fine with the right way of thinking. Accepting the correct posture. Focusing on breathing. He might even chant a mantra.

Then you have to worry about "did I do it?"

Alternatively, you can just sit back and listen to a CD that is scientifically designed to create the same meditative state in your mind without any problems.

I know what I like …

If you seriously think about developing your mind – and even then – you need to make sure your idea of ​​what's in your mind is good.

We're worried about things. Many things. Things that are likely to never happen. But in any case, we feel worried.

When you begin to control your mind with a system such as Centerpointe Holosync CDs, you begin to rest in your mind. The conscientious voice that seems to ask everything in the back of your mind will be less invasive at any time. He starts the back seat and starts looking for the development of your mind. New thoughts are created.

Centerpointe works by playing two different sounds, one for each ear. The sounds are a little different. They also disguise the soothing sound of rain. But they're still there. His mind tries to solve the difference between melodies. In doing so, you reorganize yourself to a higher level. All this is with little or no effort on its part.

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