Stress as a fact of life

Whether you accept it or not, stress is an inevitable part of life. In every corner of society – at home, at work, in school, and even in personal relationships – stress is shedding. The impact of stress can take many different forms, for example physical, mental or emotional. Indeed, stress is a thing that comes from people living in all areas of life. It's a fact that even young children suffer from stress!

As stress is associated with everyday life, it becomes increasingly important to handle it. In addition to mapping the cause of stress, identifying the challenges of triggering stress is an important step towards healthier, stress-free life.

Lazarus Stress Model

A common model for understanding and explaining stress is Lazarus's stress model. In this model, he describes the stress methodology well. According to him, stress occurs in situations where he has completely exhausted his resources or is exhausted in offering as he offered to meet an external demand. Over time, your own resources are exhausted and you no longer use or recommend it.

This model is very similar to workplace stress or general approach to work. Stress, in this case, becomes a problem instead of the problem. The organization asks you to look for alternative solutions to provide resources, but if you can not deal with this situation, you can go downhill. The lack of knowledge of stress and cause is therefore one of the most common obstacles in the stress management system.

Stress Affects Different Persons

Another common cause why people often can not cope with stress are different manifestations of one person to another. This makes it very difficult to diagnose stress or even identify what causes it primarily. There is currently no standard or uniform approach to describing the impact of stress on individual and proposed cure. Each person adapts to a unique stress management approach while at the same time requires a combination of multiple techniques to achieve effective results.

Symptoms of stress

Symptoms of stress also constitute an obstacle to stress management efforts. There are literally hundreds of different symptoms that are predominantly too common to be associated with other diseases or conditions. As a result, people are silent about stress and are linked to some other circumstance. Finally, what is happening is the symptom but not the stress as the main cause of the problem.

So, if you want a truly effective stress management approach, it's important to find out what these obstacles are and how you can overcome them.

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