Many people tell you that your subconscious mind is like a computer – you can program it to repeat certain words and do exactly what you want.

This is great as far as it goes, but analogy is not entirely correct. Your subconscious mind is more like a very early 7-year-old child, and then we handle it away, faster than the old computer method. To explain why, first, to point out the computer method.

The computer takes data and does exactly what it says. The subconscious computer model says that the subconscious works exactly the same, with the difference that there are so many different programs running that sometimes conflict. With this model, all you have to do is re-program the things you want to program while the old ribbons you want to lose are stronger. There are specific words that work better than others, and some types of wording are better.

That's all right. The best way to subprogram the subconscious is to use this tense, positive language, and if you learn NLP (Nero-Linguistic Programming) or some other specific methods, they will explain more about what words and phrases are used.

All these methods will say similar things. One of these is that the subconscious does not understand the negatives. This was very difficult until one of my friends explained this way: The subconscious does not really work in words but works on the images as well. So if you say, "Do not think about the pink elephant in the living room," what's happening? Immediately you get an elephant in your living room, you go to your coffee table and admire the roses you've just bought.

It's okay as far as it goes, but I miss a bit. I know if you tell a kid (or an adult) that "I do not think you're so big, you're not a special person, you will never be a great man." This child does not hear, "I think you are so big you are special, you will be great." So why does not it work?

The missing part here is that it works on subconscious pictures and emotions are heard. The dog or cat does not understand every word you say, but they also get clues from body language and sound. If you love your favorites and boast of love: "You are the worst animal in the world, do you know that?" what your lover understands the sound of sound and gentle hands, not the actual words you use. The subconscious understands both. That is why I suggest you think of a very handsome 7-year-old. It does not necessarily catch all the words because it's thinking in pictures. Yet, if you think about your memories, you can remember things differently. You remember the smell, tone, colors, emotions, textures, backgrounds, all kinds of things. How does the subconscious work?

This is the reason that the gurus say that when setting a goal, think about how it will feel, what it will wear, where it will be, what it will be, etc. The more vivid you can imagine, the more likely it will be to take this programming and work to get what you want.

This is why sometimes it seems difficult to reprogram the same subconscious. Reading the new pleadings twice a day does not contradict 15,000 (yes, fifteen thousand) words per minute, which is our personal conscience. There are "ribbons" or thoughts that run in your mind at 15,000 words / minute / minute, repeating the things your subconscious has programmed.

We will try to change these by repeating the duplicates of the day, such as using the car breaks to set up a fully charged locomotive. You can do it, but it will take a long time and you can only do so when you first stop the locomotives. If there is a battle between conscious will and subconscious programming, then the subconscious wins each time.

So how do you change your thinking? How do you change this bustling locomotive? First, do not try to stop it. You can not keep your mind completely silent, though meditation and / or prayer can help a lot. However, you can change the direction of the train and that's what we want to achieve, anyway, right?

These statements are an important part of this. Carefully selected words that begin reprogramming. But do more than words. When you say that, report them. Feel them. Tell yourself how good you are, and you say it with all your heart.

Statements must be in the present tension. If you say "I will be millionaire", your consciousness can hear that this is something that can happen in the future and is not really listening. If you say "I want to be a millionaire," then you want it to be your whole life. If you want the subconscious mind to have the same desires on the same sheet, then the best confirmation can be: "I am a millionaire." This tells the subconscious of exactly what state you believe in that you have to keep it, and it is best to create this reality.

This will not work if you feel like you're lying because every time I'm "Millionaire" your inner voice will say, "No, you are not, you are poor, you have always been poor and you will always be poor . " Some people see and believe in a future that is not enough to say "I am a millionaire" with a straight face and it works. If one of your confirmations is "I am a millionaire," and you can not do it because you are not yet one, you can say, "I'm a billionaire and I will be." This still gives the subconscious a clear guideline without lying.

So how do you talk to your 7 year old subconscious mind? Are you yelling at him? Do you give her confused (and confused) commands? Allow me to play negative tapes all day long?

Just this week, stand by yourself to go to the subconscious child's prize and think about what the inner mind wants to listen to and what you want to say to you. If you get caught complaining or things are always wrong, stop and tell yourself that things are coming more often than times when not. What are you saying to yourself? So what do you say to yourself these days?

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