Every child is different, so reacting to a situation is unique as well as an individual; so the parents can not count on the same answers to the difficult situation of the other two children. While a kid may appear in anger when quietly retiring to their room, the other is simply sad and another is likely to break the games, annoy anger, show anger, and so on. Position. Treating each situation requires patience, understanding, and psychological balance in dealing with angry pups.

It is very important to help the child show signs of anger, such as rolling on the ground and aggressive behavior, to avoid future problems, in the same disturbing situation, and help him run the anger management programs

treatment is different from programs for adults, as discussing or discussing this issue can not help the less developed minds that children are experiencing in addition to difficulties in verbalizing their feelings; So with a little research and experimenting with various resources on the subject, as well as trying different techniques to direct and reverse anger, angry children can be beneficial to uncontrolled display of anger. 19659002] The most useful resources for dealing with children's wrath include the books of psychologists, films and web sites that inform, educate and guide people in the labyrinth of information on anger and how best to deal with helping children and their families [19659002] Children's rogue management programs are specifically designed for their benefit, as adults are encouraged to participate in the support team, participate in discussions and discussions, which are not the best way to reach out to children who are less mature mentally. However, for the angry treatment of children, the best option is to take a series of fun and exciting activities

. The anger management programs of these specifically designed children are based on enjoyable activities that include games that reinforce positive values ​​and teach them sharing and desirable behavior. Kids get coloring, puzzle and quiz worksheets that depict angry situations, possibly with negative and positive consequences, with more emphasis on better control of anger. It combines fun and games to tackle kids' anger.

The gameplay for good intentions and anger control is better than a one-time session with the hateful counselor. because worksheets and play methods work well to bring acceptable behaviors to kids, as opposed to the fact that the lesson plans that require logical thinking are for adults only.

Treating the anger of children is very important in teaching desirable and acceptable behavior and helping them overcome their problematic behavior so that successful teenagers and adults develop in the future. To find out why he is an upset kid and is angry at negative anger, a proven method of angry treatment of children to eliminate the reaction to teaching the anger positively through repetitive activities

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