A new year can mean a lot of things for different people, such as marrying or buying the first home

But what about you?

Are you happy?

Are you looking at an uncertain future?

19659002] He is constantly worried about his recent job losses

Mourning the passage of love

Is depression a problem for you?

Could you have survived the problems of life that seem to have no possible solutions?

Are ANSWERS on these questions? Fortunately yes!

Hopefully everything is okay and none of the concerns listed above apply to you.

But if some of them do it?

Ask yourself how can I get help with my particular situation? 19659002] Good news, the information sought is found in God's holy bible book.

Begin each morning with prayer and spend a few minutes reading Bible verses.

Add strength to enrich your day. 19659002] All scriptures are inspired by God in teaching righteousness and good works.

In fact, the CHRISTIAN should become a very important priority when it comes to feeling of depression or other sorrow.

Something there is always someone I need to have a blessing. Money will not always be the answer, sometimes a good word or two can do a miracle.

Rejoice when the believer shows men and women with love and mercy.

Christians must be ready for those whose lives are faced with a crisis. Everyone should have a strong support team that offers hope in times of distraction.

Whatever you do, make sure it comes from your heart, not on a hidden agenda.

The kindness that I show toward others one day

Do not be selfish because you blessed a lot of wealth.

Sadly, many people seem to worry about themselves.

Good to think of others, not just for yourself

Grace and Grace are Available to Everyone Over Country or Skin

The world offers many false promises that you can not meet but REAL hope it is only in God.

With Jesus Christ

He Will Offer Him With Joy And Brighter Future

Like Today and Tomorrow

Difficulties come and go and everyone experiences from time to time.

Jesus take out the insecurity that you may experience and replace H Peace.

You get every chance, do not be afraid to help make this world a better place if you share Christian Christian words everywhere you go!

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