This is one of the most important things you should understand when teaching a child. Developing concepts is the idea of ​​connecting ideas to children in order to process a more complex set of thinking.

A concept will evolve whenever you want and the child has no influence on it. Not that they are luscious, they do not concentrate or behave badly. Encouraging the most important thing for students. You should always say that you are doing everything and are very happy with them. Do not overdo it. The children will quickly see the false praise. Be sure to have every little success and draw your attention. You did not do it months ago, and now you know. He is learning more and more. & # 39;

The development of the concept and the level of intelligence are not related. The student may have a slow conceptual development, but he is doing very well at school. There was a student who fought mathematical concepts for five years. He was active and never waved up, doing a lot of things in memory without understanding how they came together. Suddenly, nearly a night, with a click of a click and using the information he had memorized, within six months he was shot into the upper math group, exceptionally good at high school and successfully studying university to be an engineer.

The problem of children who develops concepts more slowly is that by the time the light goes on, they go to higher grades and they do not have the opportunity to re-enter the basics. If they were able to do so they would move forward quickly. As you often persuade them to faint, stop trying and noticing they can now be successful.

When the children were detained to repeat the grade, if they did not understand the job, then there was no failure like now. That's why you heard old people say, "It was unusual in my day to keep children from reading and writing." # It was unusual because the slower concept-driven students had the opportunity to learn the basics again. I know, of course, that retention caused other problems to the student – nothing perfect – but they learned to read, spell and write.

In my next blog, I give ideas to parents whose children have a slow concept of reading and writing. Ask any questions you would like to ask me and I will try to answer them.

Let our children succeed.

Wendy Anderson

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