Even though divorce is not easy, there is always the relief to know that one day it will all be over and healing well enough to move on with his life. But when your relationship and tears were particularly painful, you see the time slowing down for a crawl and this is like a nightmare. So, how long does it take to end? Depends.

One of the factors influencing how quickly it can turn back is based on what caused the burst. If it were a mutual decision, he might have already resigned from the fact that things will not work. Part of the healing process even began before the break was officially recognized!

If your partner contacted you, you probably knew the reason; maybe not. If you had some insight, it would be easier to get through the relationship and break up … though the pain will still be there. However, if the bursting is the result of a significant deviation from his partner, such as infidelity, he is angry, injured and felt betrayed and deceived by someone who was very special and close to him. As a result, the healing process will undoubtedly take a much longer time.

Another factor that influences the time needed for healing is how serious the relationship is. If you only know each other, it will naturally be faster than investing in several years. The more time you spend together, the more you have to take over.

The third factor is the type of person your ex-partner. If disaggregation was not a common decision, your ex-partner is vindictive? Or would they be willing to accept the decision and move on? If they were disbanded because of shameless jealousy, such as willing to let go or continue to bother, open the wound again and again?

The last factor depends on you and your man. Do you have worse experiences than you or are you able to release and move on to your life? If you hurt her, it will of course take longer to defeat. But if you're in trouble leaving your key people in your life, that can be a problem.

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