The controversy of the "subconscious" has been rumbling since 1915 when Sigmund Freud wrote: "We have the right to reject the term" subconscious "in an incorrect and misleading manner. For Freud, the unconscious is the real storehouse of divine desires, needs and psychic acts, where the subconscious is the brain function of the brain.

The online dictionary of Merriam-Webster gives the following definition to the subconscious "existing in the mind, but not immediately available to consciousness." The reality is that both schools recognize the difficulty of refers to a sensory layer beside conscious consciousness

Today, the term "subconscious" is often used and contains hundreds of applications or techniques to liberate the concealed concealment of the subconscious. These new approaches rethink how they think, feel, and restore our mind and body 2] The concept is that every person has a mind, and their brains, their ability to build dreams and become reality. The mind can heal us, transform our opinions and views, or even give us the resources we need to help others improve their lives.

Think positively and shape your mind about future results, think negative, and experience the anger of self-fulfillment prophecies. All you have to do is let the conscious mind shake the power. Make the most of it, but do not let it guide you.

As athletes use almost every day virtually every day, use reinforcement and visualization techniques to develop compatible and consistent attitudes and behaviors that naturally increase performance at home or at work.

Visualization has many benefits. It is effective in treating stress and anxiety and can contribute to the healing of anxiety and depression. Likewise, positive reinforcement is an effective way of guiding your mind. You can choose to guide your mind to situations that are good. The sequence of events and your situation that you build in your affirmation is what you can fully experience.

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