I'm not simply a hopeless sports enthusiast who is trying to establish a small relationship between trade and sport. There is a relationship and sometimes thinking differently in markets.

Okay, so that's a little excuse, but there are some valuable sporting events that can be used for our trading. I was just watching the endurance sporting event. But it translates this from every place you choose.

1. Special Capability The leader and the team must have very special abilities for survival and success. As a merchant, you need to understand what you need to do to succeed. You must acquire the skills you need to trade or you will not succeed.

Preparation 2 . You're getting ready to trade like in sports. There is a need for mental preparation. Think about why your athletes and women are preparing for the competition. You are no other. Trade is a tough game and must be spiritually at the top of the game. The national team will be preparing for the start of a new season.

3. Organization. If you've never seen the top engine sports pit, you'll be surprised. Read the oil and fat

4. Adaptability. Changes in situations, changes in markets and economies change with them. Your favorite technical indicators will not work next month.

5 Ability to cope with failures . Especially in your early days, the perils will be harder than we could expect.

6. Persistence . Trading is a marathon not sprint. This is not 20 trades in excess of the average, which count 500 or 1000.

7. Courage . It will be difficult to return to trading after the loss and it is even harder to act on the signs.

8 . Trust. It is hoping to start trading every day and trust to stay on the market. If you start to fear or doubt that trade suffers immediately.

9. Teamwork . You are mostly the whole team; make decisions, take up professions and make coffee. If you have a partner, it really helps if you understand why you can trade and offer support and belief

Attention to detail Racing cars pay full attention to the details of winning tournaments and traders who each have their trade.

If you like sports, you think about your favorite team or competitor. How are they prepared, what are their mental attitudes? Are they sure and brave? What patterns can you model to improve your trade?

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