Understanding the underlying stress factors is closer to eliminating it. But since the most common concept of stress takes into account what we all know, then the definition of stress management must be obvious – unless it is not.

We determine that we consciously know things that have an effect on stress and stress by methods that can harm your body harmlessly. This is a set of techniques that professionals are doing to help us with various stresses. In addition, it can be said that the fitting of knowledge, conditioning or lifestyle change allows the smallest cases where stress can actually be inserted.

Before we get started, what's the stress? Stress is the body's nervous system reaction to some stimuli. This nervous system reaction can easily be seen in the body's unconscious preparations, for example, to release an adrenaline chemicals into the muscles when they are concerned about, for example, auto-response duck and adrenaline's rushing speed in the muscles as you hear and develop a shooting shot; or it will shut down some painkillers while you are in combat.

The problem of stress response is that it is psychologically triggered. The anxiety of approaching deadlines, the outcome of a completion project, overcoming unpaid bills, or anxious forecasts of events, and triggering incidents in the near future can trigger a stress response. Over time, these repeated stress experiences can severely reduce the energy that could be used for other health functions such as digestion of meals, a functioning organism defense system, and so on.

Determining stress management is a system that reduces stress and / or makes it easier for people to cope with these cases. Since stress falls into a complex array of emotions and their sources are even richer, stress management is so widespread, but each of them is aimed at alleviating stress and being harmless and sometimes productive elsewhere. All in all, the definition of stress management can be categorized into three categories: action oriented stress management, emotionally oriented stress management and acceptance-oriented stress management

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