Thinking involves a person's frame of reference, which includes a person's knowledge, experiences, goals, values, convictions and attitudes. No two people are exactly the same reference frame. Our reference framework affects our thinking and life. Someone can get a way of thinking that is so strong on a particular issue, to the extent that it is blind to seeing other perspectives.

Even though a thought feels like an honest expression or truth, it is actually only one aspect. Mindset is the filter we see and feel about the world. Our thinking reflects where we are and what we have seen and heard, but not necessarily that God created us. If we have bad experiences, then our way of thinking can succeed. Just because he did not succeed did not mean what was wrong.

All high scores were missed before. And they do not have two heads. If they can, then what! Mariah Carey was a bachelor in a waitress; he was often fired until he found out what was good. You already had it, but you had to find it. There is something that is valuable to others. You just have to find it. The most important are strengths, passions, concerns and interests.

Our mindset is who we are. Just because he did not succeed in the past does not mean that we again fail. But if we start to see ourselves as we fail, then we will definitely be a mistake. God has a good plan and a future for us, but negative thinking is revealed by his way: Jer 29.11 – "For I know what I have for you, says the Lord, you are planning to prosper and you will not hope to hope and to provide a future. (NIV) "

You must begin to see ourselves as God sees us. And start proclaiming it's part of life. Thus it becomes evident: Job 22:28 – "You also declare something, and it will be blessed for you, so the light will shine on its paths. Something has failed, does not mean that we will fall again, will not prove that we are a failure of our lives everything we physically see is first thought in the spirit of a person before the manifestation. Whatever we can believe in God.

We can change our thinking and we can restart ourselves at any time if we decide to see things differently and we will never stretch out what we can not imagine First we have to think that there is something before we can get it otherwise we can not understand it Jel 11:24 "Therefore I tell you what you are asking when you pray you believe that you will receive them and you get them.

  • We must see our experiments as a staircase
  • It must be triumphed in our lives, talking about every mountain and fortress in Jesus' name: Rev 11:23 – "Verily, , I tell you who says this mountain, it needs to be removed and thrown into the sea, and it does not doubt its heart, but he thinks things he says will do everything he can to do. "
  • We are free to choose our focus: we only focus on positive things, we always invite our lives to focus on: Philippians 4: 8 -" Finally, brethren, all things that are true, all things that are noble, fair, things are clear, things are beautiful, good report, if there is something worthwhile, and if there is something commendable – meditate on these things. "
  • We must turn our problems to our prayers.
  • We need to talk to the people who encourage us and not those who take us away: Psalm 1: 1 -" Blessed is the man who does not in the counsel of the wicked, neither through the sinners nor
  • Challenges are challenges that we can choose with steps, the wisdom and help of God. : 28 – "And we know that all things work well with those who love God, those who are called by His purpose."
  • We have to act, think, and talk, as if we were to solve our challenges. to address the problem and not to focus on the problem, focusing on problems will overcome people: 2 Corinthians 5: 7 – "For by faith we do not walk by sight."

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