"Life is a series of experiences, all of which
make us bigger, though sometimes difficult
to accomplish this because the world was designed to evolve
to learn that failures
gossips that ended in the march of
. "- ​​Henry Ford

World-class athlete and cyclist Lance Armstrong
is probably the most inspirational sport figure in the world. Right before her twenty-fifth birthday, this Olympic athlete learned she had lung cancer and her brain and had less than 50% survival chances. Yes
this devastating news, Armstrong beat cancer
and came back to win the Tour de France, the world's most celebrated bicycle event, six times.
He never believed in defeat. He believed in the successful power. This is one of the most important component
to make any inconvenience you may find in your life; believe me is my power!

You are a wonderful machine that alone
can steal your way. You
control your life, how you think about how you act and how you feel. In spite of the circumstances of 19459002, you feel that you feel good and endorphins flood your
system to heal the "open wound".

There are no champions in a barrier-free world.
I ask this; does not need heat to make gold,
pressure and polishing to produce diamonds
and the difficulties needed to produce 19459002 characters? These are all TRUE statements. What's in you is the burning desire to
want to beat your opponent against the blows. Until
it is true that ALL INSIDE

first Tips & Drills:

i. The Challenge of Difficulties
makes us heroes.

II. – Remember, that's what's going on.

III. Find the support system – call a
confidentiality who can see the bright side of the case
if you can not.

2nd X and O: (study):

i. Do not Forget Past Successes – Often
when we are in a difficult situation, amnesia emerges from our past. Unless you are a privileged person
you've successfully overcome the earlier challenges in your life!

II. Get on a daily basis
with a list of things that are great in your life, things
for which you can be grateful
when you travel on this tough road where you are.

3rd Go Pay Dirt (Goals)

i. Choose to focus on the positive rather than the negative

II. Reduce your suffering by refusing to retain
against past difficulties or waiting for future ones

4th Running bases (operations)

i. Realize that misfortune tells you what luck is.

II. Learn the misfortune, which is: a
occasion to raise yourself to a higher level.

III. Count your blessings. Do not forget the Persian proverb: "I fought because we did not have our shoes until I saw someone who did not have a leg."

iv. Determine Your Personal Success
Strategy – Determine what worked before
and apply these successful
actions. You can find many things
to better handle all the difficulties you are facing now

For continued success and purpose-oriented day!

Trainer John


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