This question is often asked by people who are interested in this relatively new brainwave wiring technology, but are skeptical of many allegations that have been made to do so.

If you do not already know them, the isocronic sound recordings will repeat high frequency pulses. Designed to help you control your consciousness – very useful for those who are not trained meditators.

Isokronic tones work due to the natural neurological phenomenon known as "frequency response". This suggests that the brain tends to adjust the frequency of its own brain wave output according to the frequency of audible sounds. So, if you are listening to an isocronical recording that encourages the brain to produce about 10 Hz brain waves, it will be easier to enter the alpha brainwave to which this frequency corresponds. This is worth doing to experience the many benefits of alpha meditation, such as increased relaxation and feeling of well-being, or better learning abilities.

Thus isochronic sounds sound like some fast fix "- listen to the recording and instantly become a different state of mind. But is it really happening?

The answer is that it depends on whether you are listening to it. In any case, we can achieve tremendous results when we first listen to an isochronous recording, and I found this to myself. However, I also experienced the feeling that there is not much happening while listening to isokronic tunes, in the latter case I found that in a few days or a few weeks After repeated listening, I usually try to experience the benefits of that recording, but there are times when it does not matter how much I listen to, I do not really seem to be anywhere I can. like any other method or technology, it may not be 100%

It's important to keep in mind that even high-quality isokronic recording, many factors affect the results obtained. You should strive to focus on recording as you use it – you can not let your mind walk through the whole place and expect the recording to somehow spark your thoughts to stay under control. Although isocratic sounds make it much easier to achieve a state of deep thinking and relaxation than traditional meditation methods, you still have to do the bit.

It is also important to be consistent with the withdrawal of brain waves when using the isochronous recording or any other form. As mentioned earlier, the best result is often only in practice, so if you are listening to more than once, and then you resign and start crying for "cheating" then you only shorten.

to the environment you are listening to. It should be relaxed and comfortable, and it is best to use non-echronic breastfeeding since after (at least my experience) the digestion process can interfere with the ability to enter trance state. Listening to the headphones is the best (although not necessarily necessary) as they help eliminate the interfering factors.

So, if you're trying to try isochronous sound, but skeptical, then the best thing to try them is. Do not forget to keep your open mind, and do not wait for the perfect result for the first time you hear it. Like anything, it is possible that isochronic sounds will not work for you – if that seems to be the case, try binaural rhythms or monophonic rhythms or just try another isocronical recording. If they do not work, then you probably have a different kind of meditation method; some people just disagree with the withdrawal of brain waves, but with other methods they can achieve good results. But I guess if someone takes the time to listen to your isochronous recordings, the effort will usually be worth it.

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