During the time spent in school, he probably noticed that not everyone was responding the same way when a teacher said. There may be people who usually only shrugged when it was done, though there may be some who typically lost control.

A Clear Difference

Then it seemed that some people were able and different people did not. But even though some people did not practice self-control, it could be done to their age.

Therefore, as the years passed, there would be no reason to behave in this way. We could see people who behaved like this while they were at school and found they were not the same.

No Different

Alternatively, it can be stated that some of them are no different, as reactive as those of the years. This shows that self-regulation is not something that simply evolves in itself; this is something that needs to be developed.

However, you do not have to go back to what it was like when you were in school to think of such a person. The only thing you need to do is to think that some people behave in the social media.

Today's World

One can think of what he has seen on the Internet over the years and many examples can come to mind. In this case, what some people saw online and offline would have a great impact on them.

In addition, people may have been in contact with someone who has reacted similarly. This may be because of what they have seen online or that they may have been associated with our daily lives.

Extremely Reactive

In almost all cases, something quite trivial could be enough to get them down. Perhaps these people seemed to be controlled by their own emotions. Thus, even if they were independent human beings, they would not be able to handle what was in them. Instead, the person or thing that would have offended them would have dominated them.

A Positive Experience

It would be easy to say that when someone tends to offend, I do not get something out of it, but that would not be completely accurate. By reacting in this way someone can be energized by their anger and feel as if they have moral heights.

Much of this is reduced to the fact that such behavior is often seen as a habit and how one behaves if they disagree with something. Then there will be no reason to look at why they feel like someone else "felt them" feel this way.

Socially Acceptable Behavior

There will then be no need to take responsibility for their feelings; someone else is wrong. And if other people direct their feelings, they mean they are victims. They could therefore believe that life consists of people suppressing people and oppressed people. It will not be irrelevant that life is not black and white, as they think it determines how to feel life.


If anyone is just an observer of life, no matter what to believe. Still, since this is not possible, they will continue to live life unless they change what they believe.

So as long as they continue to believe that other people will fully control their feelings they will not need to go back and examine why they are so reactive. What's going on internally, it takes over and will determine how to detect what's going on outside.

Even so, let's say that such a man was taking the time to look at why they were so reactive and this led them to investigate what is happening; they realize they are too closely related to what's going on inside. Another way to look at this is to say that they are completely identical with the ego and that is why it is so easy for others to press their buttons.

Their part, which monitors their feelings, thoughts, emotions, and feelings, will be underdeveloped. Their emotional brains will guide them, and that means that their prefrontal cortex, the parts that allow them to observe their inner world, will not be an action.

A gradual process

Yet, the right training, there is no reason why someone can not develop the inner world's observation, which prevents it from being directed. Attending attention is one way to make it happen.

Another thing that can prevent someone from experiencing self-control when they carry a trauma. It may be things like adults who are overwhelmed by their system, or maybe the result they have experienced as a child; if so, they will need a therapist or a healer job.


If someone is such as to develop the ability to go back and observe the inner world, this does not necessarily mean accepting what is happening; what they mean is that they will experience more inner peace and they will no longer do the same things. When they start working, they can take the time to look at why this is. And if they come to the conclusion that their initial response is rational, they will be able to think about what they can to make a difference. Consequently, they are likely to use their energy more constructively.

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